Valorant's New Healing Character Sage Teased

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Riot's Valorant will have no RNG loot boxes Dot Esports

Riot’s new FPS game, Valorant, has been teasing some new characters for the game and the latest is called Sage. Sage’s primary role is to support her squad. She plays a healer role, which grants your teammates more HP when they need it.

Sage’s role is kind of a mixture of Mercy and Mei from Overwatch, as they all share similar abilities. In the video below, Sage is seen as a bit aggressive, unlike Mercy. We can’t speculate much from the gameplay trailer yet, as the game isn’t out. Sage also seems to have a pistol with a decent fire rate and almost no recoil, which could mean she can be played aggressively if players are skilled.

Valorant’s new tweet showed some of Sage's sweet moves and gameplay, which you can find below.

The video also showcases Sage's different abilities. One of them is an orb that seems to slow down enemies in their path. This allows Sage's team to ambush the enemy team easily. A second orb seems to create a large wall, similar to Mei's ice wall. This wall prevents direct line of sight for the enemies.

According to a tweet from Valorant Intel, Sage has the following abilities:

  • Slow Orb
  • Barrier Orb
  • Healing Orb
  • Resurrection

All good support players will enjoy playing Sage, as one of her orbs will heal teammates over time. With the help of her resurrection ability, Sage can bring back teammates from the grave. Sage’s resurrection ability might be a game-changer depending on the situation and meta the game will follow.

So, what are your thoughts on Sage coming into Valorant? Do you think she is going to be viable in every situation? Personally, I think we need to give Valorant a try first, but every team needs support. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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