Valorant Could Get New Causal Game Modes

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Valorant has given competitive FPS players a game that checks most boxes while remaining grounded. The game may look similar to CS:GO, but it features character rosters and mechanics. Even though fans already think Valorant is one of the best competitive FPS games right now, developer Riot Games thinks that that game can be improved further.

As of now, Valorant has three game modes – Rush, Deathmatch, and Bomb mode, but all of these modes are competitive. Having just three game modes can also become tiresome and repetitive. Valorant's game director Joe Ziegler discussed in an interview with USGamer that the game could include warm-up sessions before competitive matches and a mode where players can just chill out stating, "those are the spaces that I think we're going to continue see growing around Valorant. More tools to help you compete, but also more tools to actually help you just live a more full life inside of Valorant." Valorant players will greatly appreciate the casual game modes in the game, but it is still unknown when these new modes will be implemented. At least now fans know that Riot is actually considering casual game modes and not just pushing the game to be more competitive.

Valorant also has plans to improve its competitive modes and characters. Zeigler explained that constantly introducing new gameplay elements and characters to the game can impact player skill. This is why the team intends to give players more time (two months) to improve their skills and encounter new scenarios. This allows players to build a perception for a new character that would come to balance or change the meta. Moreover, this will also keep the experience fresh for both players and viewers.

It is evident that Riot has great plans for Valorant and it'll be interesting to see how fans react to these new features. Even though some players may appreciate casual game modes, others may think that it will impact the competitiveness of the game.

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