Valorant Competitive Changes Coming Soon

Valorant Competitive Changes For Act III
Valorant Competitive Changes For Act III essentialesports

Riot Games just announced that Valorant Act II is coming to an end on October 13. Valorant’s core mechanics are pretty similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but Valorant’s abilities and agents make the game a bit different compared to the other shooters.

Valorant developer Riot suggested players get their ranked games finished as soon as possible to prepare for the launch of Act III. The developer released a video about the new competitive changes coming to Valorant next season, which includes:

  • Competitive Variation
  • Competitive Outcome
  • Custom Servers

Competitive Variation:

David Cole, the design lead for competitive, explained a major part of Valorant was to embrace social play, which meant players can play competitive without any ranked disparity. This allowed ranks like immortal and gold to queue with each other, making the matchmaking very unbalanced between players.

In Act III, players will have a rank lock that allows them to queue with other players who have a ranked difference of three ranks. This means the lowest rank that Platinum three players can queue with is Gold three, while the highest that Platinum three players can queue is Diamond three.

Competitive Outcome For Immortals:

The ranks starting from Immortal will have a different method of rating their ranked matches. Their outcome will be decided according to wins, losses, and how close each game was. Unlike lower ranks that also include amounts of kills and objective plays, The outcome of Immortal rank matches will purely depend on the wins/losses and how decisive the match outcome was.

Custom Servers:

Another really cool feature the developers are planning on implementing in Valorant is allowing the player to select the servers they want to play on. While this is still a work in progress, each region will have its own sub servers that allows players to have lower ping. Cole mentioned that Riot can’t guarantee players will get their preferred server due to matchmaking reasons, but this will increase the chance of getting servers closer to each player.

So, what are your thoughts on Riot Games’ plans for Valorant’s Act III? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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