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Reyna Guide
Reyna Guide Valorant

Valorant is a first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. Every agent in Valorant is unique and, if their abilities are mastered, can be very dangerous. Reyna is a really easy agent to master, all you need is to have good aim and a general idea about her abilities. Reyna is useful on all maps, as her role suits fraggers. Her abilities also allow you to gain extra health, turn invisible, and more, which can help you a lot while getting into gunfights.

Reyna is an agent that relies on frags and helping your team push enemies by distracting them. Your main objective as Reyna is to flash enemies and kill them or coordinate with your team and push while you flash them. Reyna has four special abilities: Devour, Dismiss, Leer, and Empress.


Reyna’s first ability is Devour. The ability helps you regain health after you kill an enemy. After an enemy is dead, they will drop a soul orb that can be interacted with. The soul orb will give you two options to choose from: Devour, which grants you healing for a short duration, and Dismiss.


Reyna’s second ability is Dismiss. This is another simple ability that allows you to go into a ghost form. This form is slightly visible and cannot be harmed, so it’s mainly used for evading enemy gunfire. This ability is best suited for running away from a group of enemies or even repositioning yourself for a better advantage. To access this, you will have to kill an enemy and grab the soul orb. If you use this ability while Empress is active, you will go completely invisible.


Reyna’s third ability is Leer. This ability allows you to deploy a destructible eye which flashes enemies. Every enemy that looks into the eye will get flashed, but you just need to shoot the eye to get rid of the flash effect. You can even deploy the eye through walls at a certain distance, which allows you to be more effective at baiting enemies.


Reyna’s ultimate ability is Empress. This ability takes up six ultimate orbs to use and allows Reyna to enter into rage mode. This ultimate grants you increased fire rate, reload speed, and less recoil. Killing enemies with Empress resets the timer on her ultimate and you can pair it with Devour and Dismiss for more effective frags.

So, what do you think of Reyna as an agent? Do you think your play style fits her perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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