Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Now Accepting Pre-Registrations

Coming to new regions soon.
Coming to new regions soon. Gravity Interactive

Players in the US are now a bit closer to getting their chance to try out Ragnarok: The Lost Memories. That’s because pre-registration for the game is now available in North America and Brazil.

Those who successfully pre-register get the opportunity to earn 50 Red Gemstones, which should be enough to get that needed head start. Other upcoming rewards include 10 free card draw tickets, one bunny headband, and 100 extra Red Gemstones.

In the game, players follow the swordsman Perr who wakes up at Mount Mjolnir without memories of what happened to him. As he goes on an adventure across Midgard to get back his lost memories, he meets a colorful cast of characters.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories offers players a new card battling system that they can master using heroes and monster cards. There are more than 200 dungeons, along with contests, which players can take on to test their skills. There are trials to overcome in the Mage Tower, treasures to find, and various cities to explore. Overall, the game is a good entry not only for veterans but even new gamers.

Here are the two main features of the game:

  • Unique Card Battle System
    • All cards come with unique abilities and stats:
      • Offense, Defense, and Support
      • Develop a strategy and come up with a deck that can conquer various Ragnarok monsters and bosses.
      • Create a deck with up to 10 Active Cards and 5 Passive Cards.
      • Visit the Card Shop and use the Draw Card system to try and pull (MVP) cards.
      • Level up the deck and cards to unlock more abilities and powers.
      • Earn free cards or more chances to draw cards by participating in the game events.
  • Character Collection
    • Collect and own more than 20 Ragnarok characters of different jobs to create squads:
      • ​All Ragnarok characters have their own unique skills.
      • Build different teams to tackle Ragnarok monsters, bosses, and other players in PVP.
      • Rank up Ragnarok characters by challenging heroes in the Ragnarok Hall of Valhalla.
      • Develop abilities and powers of the characters through upgrading and leveling.
      • Equip the characters with different grades of equipment to make them stronger.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories will be released on Android and iOS.

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