ULTRAKILL Patch 11b: Rocket Launchers Tweaks and Bug Fixes

ULTRAKILL: Patch 11b
ULTRAKILL: Patch 11b Steam

ULTRAKILL recently received a new update that brought changes to rocket launchers and bug fixes.

Rocket Launcher Changes

The developers made some changes to the rocket launchers. The Freezeframe rocket launcher can fire rockets in the air that can freeze for a short time. In this update, the Freezeframe rocket will now automatically cancel the freeze, if all its frozen rockets are destroyed.

General Changes

The developers also made some changes to how the game loads now. The assets will now load before the main menu screen appears. It's used to load when the players pick a chapter in the Chapter Select menu in the older game versions, which can cause longer loading times.

ULTRAKILL: Patch 11b

  • Added keybind option for Slot 5
  • Camera no longer clips through the world when shaking
  • Fixed doors in some layers not closing when supposed to, causing connected rooms to no longer load in
  • Fixed Ferryman's bestiary entry not having a Strategy section
  • Filled 2 holes in the collision mesh of the Ferryman's ship in 5-2
  • Fixed Overheat Nailgun's sound
  • Fixed the restart/quit prompt appearing behind the pause menu in some old levels
  • Gabriel 1st no longer accidentally uses a taunt from Gabriel 2nd
  • Fixed resolution sometimes resetting on level load or reset
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher sometimes becoming unequippable after using the Spawner Arm cheat
  • Rocket Launcher and Shotgun weapon orders are no longer linked
  • Fixed inconsistent rocket freezing with Freezeframe when under the effects of a dual wield powerup
  • A rocket has to have been frozen at least once before it can be ridden
  • Rocket riding rotation no longer dependant on framerate
  • Ridden rockets can no longer be rotated while the game is paused
  • Fixed ridden rockets jittering when out of rocket riding time on the surface of water
  • Rocket Launcher now auto-aims correctly
  • Fixed player pulling out a gun while using a shop after pausing, unpausing, and using the scrollwheel
  • Player can no longer clip through surfaces by rotating a frozen rocket while riding it
  • Player can no longer be knocked off a rocket by lag or a low framerate
  • Coins now inherit rocket ride velocity
  • Fixed some typos
  • Cyber Grind end-of-wave heal should no longer be blocked by explosions
  • Fixed 5-4 sea kill plane not being wide enough

You can read more about the update here.

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