Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Reveals Roadmap

Check out the plans.
Check out the plans. Brilliant Games Studio

It was just last week when Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 launched on Steam Early Access. There’s a lot to be excited about and the good news is that we get to know what’s being planned. That’s because the team at Brilliant Game Studios just revealed their roadmap.

Before we take a closer look into the roadmap, the team revealed in a post that the current state of the game couldn’t have mod support. Most likely it’s going to be offered closer to the release of Version 1.0.

Content Updates

With that out of the way, let’s now go to the roadmap. There are two content updates scheduled for two to three weeks from now. The first is mainly about polishing the game to turn it into a better state. Of course, expect new content along with it. Players can look forward to:

  • 1 new map.
  • 2 to 3 new units. Possible new ancient Egyptian category.
  • Control customizing.
  • Polish in UI and more clear labels.
  • Help and tutorials.
  • Tooltips.
  • Visible map boundaries in battle editor and in-game.
  • Possible expansions on cinematic mode.
  • General bug fixes and improvement in stability.
  • New god power.

The second content update introduces campaigns to players. It includes:

  • A one-level RTS campaign demo with storyline, cinematics, and objectives. Likely Roman times.
  • ​New units.
  • Possible new map if time allows.
  • General bug fixes and improvement in stability.

More Content Coming

Two to three months from now, more new content is arriving, including:

  • Completion of all levels of the first campaign.
  • FPS Invasion is going to be added and included with campaigns during period.
  • Other brand new campaigns with new storylines and even genres.
  • Lots of new maps.
  • Lots of new units.
  • Expansion on RTS features.
  • More god powers.
  • General bug fixes and improvement in stability.

Nearing Full Version

As the release of Version 1.0 nears, there will be final updates. These updates are likely coming a month from the official launch. Changes to expect include:

  • A shift of focus to mod support.
  • Mod support added for characters.
  • Campaign editor/mod support, where you make your own mini-games.
  • New maps.
  • New units.

For Version 1.0, a massive modern city map and full mod support are coming.

Get Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 here.

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