Vampire Survivors Has its Roadmap Expanded

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Check out what's happening. Poncle

It's been a little over three months since Vampire Survivors was released on Steam Early Access. Since then, the game has experienced overwhelming success and strong support from players. Because of this, there have been changes to the roadmap.

For those who want specifics, here are some of the figures:

  • Playable characters
    • Initial release: 7
    • Current: 15
    • Planned: 24
  • Weapons and evolutions
    • Initial release: 22
    • Current: 32
    • Planned: 48
  • Power-ups
    • Initial release: 12
    • Current: 18
    • Planned: 20
  • Normal Stages
    • Initial release: 1
    • Current: 3
    • Planned: 5
  • Special Stages
    • Initial release: N/A
    • Current: 2
    • Planned: 5

What has been mentioned is around 75% of the full game. However, it doesn’t include the content set to be introduced by two upcoming major game mechanics. The first is Arcanas, arriving in April and unlocking a new level of viable builds and power creep.

Story Mode

It was mentioned before of an upcoming Story Mode. But it looks like the developers are planning to introduce a major gameplay mechanic for now. It hasn’t been decided though the team seems to be leaning on something like an Endless mode.

For those who are excited about the Story Mode, don't worry since it’s still being worked on.

New Engine

Other updates include the port to the new engine going well with the game almost fully playable. So far, it appears it just needs some polishing. However, it seems the focus on the port may be the reason why some features promised back in January have been pushed back. These include key remapping, increased responsiveness when switching screens, and localized text that fits the available space.

The development team is also looking into the physics calculations, which so far have been stuck on using only a single CPU core.

Mobile Version

For those new to the game, Vampire Survivors was originally released on Android. The tests however were found to be terrible. The team shared that it was so bad that the decision was made to turn it into a PC game instead. With the new engine, the game could become playable even on mobile.

Read more about what’s being planned for the game here.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC through Steam.

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