Two Point Campus: Players Can Now Rename Stuff in Patch 1.4

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Have you ever dreamed of establishing your own university? If so, you need to take a look at Two Point Campus. This game allows you to create your own campus the way you want, hire staff, and run an academic institution filled with fun and educational courses.

Recently, developers launched Patch 1.4, which brought general improvements and bug fixes. One of the most notable is that you can now rename students, rooms, and different things while using a controller.

Another is that teachers are now able to train even while janitors are repairing the pod. If you do not want to see the room capacity warning too often, well, you might be happy with the recent change. That’s because the warning will now set off if the room is at 100% capacity instead of 90%. Speaking of which, janitors no longer count towards the room capacity.

You can read the other changes in Patch 1.4 below:

  • General Optimisation of behavior system
  • Sandbox Mode now unlocks after achieving 1 star in Freshleigh
  • Course management is now disabled in the first year of the tutorial
  • Improvements to Sandbox create a new save UI
  • Item placement improvements and bug fixing
  • Updated messaging when you have an item on the cursor that should be placed outside if trying to place it inside
  • Internet History bookcase is now awarded during the Career. If you are past the point where it gets awarded, you should now have it available in the Library items list.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to scroll down correctly in the items info tab
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to change the name of a custom Sandbox (we have found another bug with this that we will be fixing!)
  • Fixed missing item rotation keybind
  • Add toggle in settings to disable controller input on PC (we are still investigating the cause of the issues around controllers on PC)
  • Fixed a bug where the photo mode short key (6) was not triggering photo mode
  • Improved messaging when you have an item on the cursor that should be placed outside
  • Fix for being unable to launch the game if your current system date format culture is one not supported by the current log file string format
  • Fix exploit where you could copy Artifact items in Sandbox
  • Fixed Delete and Cancel operation when moving existing procedural items
  • Fix high FPS breaking Pan Camera tutorial objective
  • Fixed weird behavior with play/fast forward buttons

Two Point Campus Patch 1.4 is available on PC.

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