Brawhalla Got Interesting Items Up for Grabs at In-Game Store

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Blue Mammoth Games

The Brawlhallidays 2020 is almost done, so what’s left to do? Well, Brawlhalla is offering players some rather interesting items at the in-game store. Why do we say interesting? For the entire week, there’s going to be a different theme each day.

The promotion started yesterday and had a Ninja Theme with items being put on for sale like the Kabuto Orion, Kunoichi Val, and even Red-Hot Ranseur Spear weapon skin.

For the rest of the week, the theme and items are:

  • January 7
    • Theme: Mecha
    • Items:
      • Mecha Teros
      • Mecha Asuri
      • Mecha Ragnir
      • Project – 0NYX
      • Calculated Emote
      • Zoid Sidekick
  • January 8
    • Theme: Atlantean
    • Items:
      • Abyssal Goblin Mako
      • Shark Attack Thatch
      • Shark Heart Barraza
      • Davey Jones’ Anchor Hammer Weapon Skin
      • Trident Spear Weapon Skin
      • So Salty Emote
  • January 9
    • Theme: Demon
    • Items:
      • Demon Ogre Xull
      • Oni no Hattori
      • Maniacal Laugh Emote
      • Onisan Sidekick
      • Kiss of Fire Katars Weapon Skin
      • Darkheart’s Grasp Gauntlets Weapon Skin
  • January 10
    • Theme: Well-Dressed
    • Items:
      • Classy Thatch
      • Match Point Roland
      • Golf Clap Emote
      • Lum King Sidekick
      • Mother of Pearl Blasters Weapon Skin
      • Gilded Lily Sword Weapon Skin
  • January 11
    • Theme: Darkheart
    • Items:
      • Darkheart Artemis
      • Darkheart Petra
      • Next Level Emote
      • The Shade Sidekick
      • Darkheart Blade Sword Weapon Skin
      • Darkheart Orb Weapon Skin
  • January 12
    • Theme: Fangwild
    • Items:
      • Dragon Heart Ember
      • Fangwild Kor
      • Drake Sidekick
      • See Ya! Emote
      • Dark Elf Flamberge Sword Weapon Skin
      • Dreamshard Spear Weapon Skin

Brawl of the Week

This week's brawl is the holiday-themed Snowbrawl. To join, players need to get a partner and battle against another team. This 2v2 brawl lasts for three minutes and has 150% damage. Hitting an opponent with a snowball earns you a point while a KO gives you three points. If you’re the one KO’d, you lose a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Snowball fight!
Snowball fight! Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhallidays 2020

The event may be ending but that’s the thing, it hasn’t. Players can still enjoy what this event has to offer. Get a load of these offers:

  • Legend Skins
    • Festive Yeti Onyx
    • Frost Guardian Ragnir
    • Nutcracker Cassidy
    • Santa Wu Shang
    • Future Spirit Artemis
    • Nutcracker Val
    • Nutcracker Bödvar
    • Snowman Kor
    • Krampus Cross
    • Holly Jolly Ember
    • Wreck the Halls Teros
    • Secret Santa Thatch
  • Weapon Skin
    • Winter Daggers
  • Podium
    • Winner Wonderland’20 Podium
  • KO Effect
    • Frostbite
  • Avatars
    • Bomby the Snowman
    • Mjolnir Snowflake
  • Colors
    • Winter Holiday Colors

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