Traitors in Salem: Patch B.1.13 QoL Changes and Bug Fixes

Traitors in Salem
Traitors in Salem Steam

BlankMediaGames, the developer of the social deduction game Traitors in Salem, launched a new update recently. Patch B.1.13 brought some quality-of-life changes and bug fixes.

One of the things that you might like about Traitors in Salem is that you can have the traitor hanged on the gallows. That said, the dev team added some killing and dying sounds which can provide a bit more realism to the affair.

Another noteworthy change in Patch B.1.13 is that every uppercase letter now counts as two characters toward the character limit of 20. This is to help prevent some people from using extremely long names with uppercase letters.

For bug fixes, resizing the game from windowed to fullscreen will no longer display black bars at the sides or top of the screen.

The other things implemented in this update are as follows:

  • Improved the autosizing of the Shuffle button text in the Dispel Magic minigame to better support localization.
  • Added a Submit button next to the Customization name panel as some people would change their name and then close the panel without pressing enter. This makes it more obvious the name needs to be submitted before it can take effect.
  • Setting the in-game player name in Customization to blank will now reset the player back to using default skin name.
  • Added more task types to the Quest Board to ensure more variety when pulling new quests.
  • Reworded the message received by Town players when a Traitor casts a Displace spell to make it more applicable when received by a ghost.
  • Added temporary sound effects to regular kill and final kill cinematics to add drama pending final sound effects.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed overlapping text on long role names in extended Role Card.
  • Fixed some issues with Classic Mode’s Role Deck Viewer.
  • The Extended role card in Role Deck Viewer will no longer show a blank card upon the first open of role deck.
  • The Confuse spell effect icon is now removed from a character when they are killed, rather than showing the effect icon on the corpse and/or ghost.
  • The Confuse spell effect icon will no longer fall off from players that leave line of sight and return.
  • Using a Telescope as a ghost in a Capture The Flag game will no longer leave you stuck on a black screen when you respawn.
  • Fixed Gravedigger quest to say Thomas on both the NPC nametag and the Quest dialog.

Traitors in Salem Patch B.1.13 is available on PC.

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