Traitors in Salem Early Access Beta Starts April 22

Survive or kill?
Survive or kill? BlankMediaGames

Traitors in Salem is launching on Steam Early Access Beta this Friday, April 22. If the title sounds familiar, that’s because it serves as the follow-up to the social deduction game Town of Salem. The game is being developed by BlankMediaGames, which should come as good news to fans of the original game.

For those who played the original game, the town was in a conflict that had lasted almost a decade and resulted in countless souls being lost. The innocents of the town later banded together and were able to banish the Necronomicon. As a result, the power that the book held over the minds of the townsfolk was erased. While the darkness was indeed sealed, it wasn’t possible to do it forever so once again dark magic is threatening Salem.

The game allows for a maximum of 15 players to go online and use their wits and abilities to find out who the Traitors are, while those on the other side get to unleash their inner evil. Every player gets a role with each one having unique abilities.

For the town members, there are two ways to win which are to deal with all the traitors or finish all the quests to banish the Necronomicon again. For the traitors, they need to protect the Necronomicon at all costs. They can kill town members or convert them to their side.

Features of the game include:

  • Roles
    • A wide variety of roles is available for both Traitors and Town members.
  • Create Role Lists
    • Players can choose which roles they want in their Role Deck in the lobby.
  • Share your Role Deck
    • Players can share pre-built decks with friends.
  • ​Banning Roles
    • In addition to choosing roles, players can also ban roles to make sure they don't appear.
  • ​Choose your Adventure
    • Players can customize the game itself.
    • There are a lot of different options to change gameplay.
  • Familiar
    • Everything that fans loved about Town of Salem is still here but improved.
  • ​Roam the Town
    • There’s freedom of movement so players can explore Salem in a way they never have before.
  • ​In-game Text chat
    • Players can chat with other players during the lobby, discussion, and trial phases of the game.
  • Game-Wide Voice chat
    • Voice Chat has been integrated but only to Traitors.
    • Global Voice Chat is available during the lobby, discussion, and trial phases of the game.
  • Proximity Voice
    • In addition to the normal Global Voice Chat, there is also Proximity Voice Chat for players to change with those near them during gameplay.

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