Train Sim World 3: Save Game Feature Now Stable in Latest Update

November 28 Update
November 28 Update Twitter/@trainsimworld

Dovetail Games released a new update for Train Sim World 3 that fully enables the save game functionality by default.

For those who are not familiar with the matter, the company allowed players to enable the ability to save their games, albeit the feature was quite buggy back then. In the game’s most recent update, the said feature is likely fixed now because it’s turned on by default. Players can now drive their locomotives in the busy railroads of Birmingham City with their progress saved automatically.

This patch brought a bunch of improvements and bug fixes as well. One of the most notable is that Train Sim World 3 no longer freezes for brief periods when navigating the route selection menu.

Additionally, the issue where passengers would clip into floors, walls, and waiting shelters has been resolved.


  • You can now jump back to previously hovered service when viewing a timetable, especially helpful for larger timetables.
  • You can now correctly select a loco after searching with filters
  • Sort mode preferences are preserved across game sessions.
  • Similar base characters can be used to search for accented characters.
  • When using a controller on service selection, pressing Y/Triangle toggles search similar to other menus. Search button prompt does not appear when using a controller.
  • Gold medal is now achievable in the 323 Introduction scenario.
  • Destination boards will correctly display the number of coaches on 323 services.
  • Destination names on PIS boards will no longer get cut off
  • Removed delay when coupling the trains on the “Chocolate Train” scenario
  • Removed unnecessary instruction to unload at the end of the Thunderstruck scenario
  • Audio fixes standing externally at stations
  • 323 door key animations and sounds will no longer play multiple times when activated.
  • 323 doors will stay open after reloading from a save.
  • 323 Throttle should be able to move after reloading from a save.
  • Window wipers will now continue wiping after resuming from a save.
  • Redditch branch scenery between Alvechurch and Barnt Green has been improved and had new foliage and assets added.
  • Adjusted canal water levels to be consistent and seamless.
  • Player should no longer be able to walk through buildings and fences at Redditch station
  • Cadbury collectible at Kings Norton Station can now be collected
  • NPCs should behave correctly; PIS displays should be working correctly, and AI trains will stop in the right positions.
  • XSX: Fixed a crash when switching between internal and external cameras while sitting with the AI driving.

Train Sim World November 28 Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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