Train Sim World 3: Certain Routes and Trains Improved in Latest Update

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The latest update for Train Sim World 3 is now available on all platforms. Aside from new features, such as the save game toggle and the ability to disable tutorials in Quick Play, this patch brings improvements to certain routes and trains in the game.

One of the routes in Train Sim World 3 that got some really nice improvements is the Southeastern High-Speed. First, the snow that used to cover this British route has been removed, especially under station canopies, inside tunnels, and under bridges. Besides that, passengers at Ebbsfleet International will now board trains correctly.

Speaking of trains, the Class 66 received adjustments to avoid unexpected stalling at low RPMs. Furthermore, the train’s coupler should now animate correctly.

Patch Notes

Southeastern High-Speed
  • Car stop signs visually updated to align correctly to DOO monitors
  • Route indication signals changed to match current designations.
  • Passengers should now board trains correctly on the platform at Ebbsfleet International
  • Players can no longer fall through the ground at Gravesend
  • Added Wheel blur to MFA wagons
  • No rain will be inside the depot
  • Player will no longer be able to walk through fences
  • OPO monitors should now be in the right places
  • Player should not be randomly blocked in Ashford around sidings
  • Lighting fixes for the North Downs Tunnel
Class 465
  • Reverser and Master Key now work as expected in both Immersion and Classic input modes
Cajon Pass
  • Resolved issues that caused the player to be kicked out to the main menu suddenly.
  • The 2D map will now update when selecting a range of starting points.
  • Fixes to Scenario Designer map tags
  • Correction to localization on free text sign
  • Updated scores to ensure players can get gold on ES44C4 and SD40-2 Training Modules
  • Removed semi-circular white artifacts from above wheels for all Cajon Wagons (Box Car, Bulkhead Flatcar, Tank Car and Autorack)
Kassel - Wurzburg
  • Player should no longer be able to walk through cars at Korle Ost.
  • Player should no longer be able to walk through stairs at Kassel Wilhelmshohe Station
  • Fixed pathing of ICE 1580 to not go wrong line running
  • Tunnel sign collectables are now able to be picked up
  • Prevented train getting temporarily stuck in “Ice Breaker” tutorial
Other Locomotive Changes
DB BR 101
  • Adjustments to the AFB to keep speed offset below LAB, and decreased LZB deceleration to be more realistic for typical braked weight percentages of IC trains.
  • Passenger lights from the IC coaches will no longer bleed into the cab, providing improvements to performance
  • Reduced illumination from cab lights into tunnels

The full patch notes can be found here.

Train Sim World 3 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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