Netmarble Adding New Title to the Seven Knights Series

Seven Knights Idle Adventure
A new title in the Seven Knights series. Netmarble

Netmarble announced the launch of a new title to its flagship Seven Knights franchise. Seven Knights Idle Adventure is being offered as an idle RPG for mobile platforms. The game was developed under the guiding principle of easy playability with the focus on running on low-end devices.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure offers players an expanded storyline and untold episodes of the original Seven Knights heroes. They also get to collect and nurture their favorite heroes which now have the appearance of cute SD characters.

For those excited about this game, early access is now available on Android via Google Play. During early access, players get to enjoy more than 130 heroes, 25 pets, and 170 hero costumes. A new trailer has been released to celebrate this and you can watch it below:

Early Access Features

  • Main Field Exploration
    • Players can explore territories while raising their favorite Seven Knights heroes.
    • These territories are composed of stages which can be cleared by summoning a boss. The boss can only be summoned after defeating a certain number of enemies within a stage.
    • As players progress through each stage, they get to enjoy the story through cutscenes and portrait conversations, revealing more about the Seven Knights lore.
  • 10v10 PVP Arena
    • This is a desynchronized PVP mode where players can fight the heroes of other players.
    • They earn points based on wins and losses. Special rewards can be obtained based on the points earned.
  • Dungeon Delves
    • Explore special dungeon challenges and obtain in-game currency. Challenges include Gold Dungeon, Hero EXP Dungeon, Knight's Token Dungeon, and Relic Shard Dungeon.
  • Conquest Request
    • This is a system where players can get rewards for defeating a challenging group of monsters that's been summoned.
    • Upon clearing, players acquire Dice to power up their heroes and unlock their full potential.
  • Infinite Tower
    • With 300 floors, this is sure to be the ultimate challenge for players.
    • Different rewards can be acquired for defeating enemies on each floor.
  • Repeated Missions
    • Various new content via Daily, Weekly and Continuous missions.

Limited-Time Events

In celebration of the early access, new limited-time events are available until August 3:

  • SKIA Launch Carnival
    • Players can get "Legend Hero Kyrielle" by earning various in-game rewards.
  • 14 Day Check-In Events
    • Daily check-in rewards are available over a 14-day period which include Seven Knights Summon Tickets.

There's no question that as the official continuation of Seven Knights, Seven Knights Idle Adventure is sure to be an exciting addition for many fans around the world.

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