Tower of Fantasy Introduces Domain 9 in Newest Update

Get ready for Domain 9. Hotta Studio

A new update has been released for Tower of Fantasy and it introduces Domain 9 Sector. With this, wanderers get the chance to explore a new map and even engage with two new simulacrums. They can also experience new bosses and take on new gameplay challenges.

Going back to Domain 9, it's located within the Aida Spacetime Singularity of the Vera Grand Sea. On the surface, it may appear that Domain 9 isn't so different from the outside world. However, as a result of space-time barriers, it's been isolated from the rest of Vera for more than a century, earning it the nickname "Forgotten Realm."

It's said that inside is a special site known as the Black Jade Ruins, and from years of study, its people developed sophisticated technology based on Timestamps. This Timestamp technology now plays an integral part in the fight against the biggest threat which are the Grayspace Entities called Darkness.

New Simulacrums

Two new Simulacrums have been added and the first one is LiuHuo, responsible for overseeing the captured Darkness. Because of her fierce and passionate martial nature, this makes her the right person for the job. With her Calligraphy Brush, she can use its ink to defend against enemies.

The second new simulacrum is Yulan, one of the most successful fighters in Domain 9 and admired by all of those who challenged her. She wields the most technologically advanced weapon in Domain 9. This weapon can create an airstream when used with Timestamps.

Four Major Zones

There are four major Zones in Domain 9, each inspired by the design elements of the mythical creatures from an ancient culture known as the Four Symbols. In Domain 9, everyone can take a look at the technological strength present, and be the first to try the many new in-game puzzles and challenges.

Other New Features

There are also brand-new modes of exploration like relic Speedwalkers for skywalking and new cruisers. There are also new gameplay features like the Smart Servant System and New Mentorship System, helping players during difficult combat and recruiting mentors and apprentices.

Tower of Fantasy is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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