MergeCrafter Introduces Age of Invention in Latest Update

Prepare for the Age of Invention. Fiveamp

A new update has been released for MergeCrafter which introduces the Age of Invention. There's a lot of new content to enjoy like craft automation devices, tool upgrades, mech dungeon, explosives, and quests.

MergeCrafter is a free-to-play game where players have to merge items to heal lands and aid quest-giving characters. The game offers players an open-ended gameplay experience where merging items leads to discovering bigger and better ones. New features added in this major update include:

  • Four Craftable Inventions:
    • Palletron
    • ClawBot
    • MagniGrab
    • Punch-O-Matic
  • Clockwork Cavern
  • Finnegan the Tech Gnome
  • 15 Quests
  • 34 Achievements
  • TNT item line
  • Mechanical Chest line, Gizmo Box, and Explosive Chest
  • Mechanical Trinket
  • Shrouded Oasis land
  • Max Tool tier extended to T5.3
  • Max Reforge tier extended to T25
  • Added new Mini-Biome / Mining Feature
  • Added mouseover chevron for Dungeons, NPCs, and Camp items

Game Improvements

In addition to new features, the update also brings improvements and fixes:

  • Significant performance improvements on Low Quality mode.
  • Several balance improvements with Mini Drills.
  • Furnaces now only ingests fuel when double clicking on them.
  • Furnaces and Mini Drills now has a loot bag limits based on their tier or level.
  • Preview Chest contents in Store.
  • Improved visuals on:
    • Cave Chests to make them more distinguishable.
    • Cave Dungeon entrance.
    • Recruiter's Hub UI.
    • Runic Shop UI.
  • Improved sizes of certain Trinket trophies.
  • Updated Event icons.

Game Fixes

  • An issue where players could get soft-locked during certain tutorials.
  • An issue where the Planter wouldn't show in certain scenarios.
  • An issue where a Trinket wouldn't evolve while repairing on an Anvil.
  • An issue where certain audio would not play correctly.
  • An issue where Quests with x1 reward wouldn't be showing on the UI.
  • An issue where the UI stalactites in the Cave Dungeon would freak out.
  • An issue where an empty Status Effect widget would show with no buff active.
  • An issue in the Trinket Strore where the item name wouldn't be showing properly.
  • An issue where tools could be lost.
  • An issue with certain special font characters.
  • An issue where the Mini Drill could not drill into certain grid cells.
  • An issue where the Energy Bottle wasn't showing the correct material.
  • An error related to Dungeon grid cells.
  • An error related to Combo Merging.

MergeCrafter is available on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.

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