Torchlight: Infinite Season 2 "Blacksail" Now Live

"Blacksail" Season 2
"Blacksail" Season 2 Twitter/@torchlight_xd

XD Entertainment just released Torchlight: Infinite’s first content update and it is pretty massive. The game is now on its second season called Blacksail and players are in for a treat because the latest patch introduces tons of new content. Read further to learn more.

Blacksail Season is Here

Players will have plenty of new content to explore in Torchlight: Infinite Blacksail. When they start their journey on the new server, defeating normal monsters in maps will drop an item called the Void Sea Night Flame. This can be used on the Void Sea Seal - an interactive device that pops up whenever they kill the map’s boss.

Breaking six seals will enable players to challenge the Bride of the Void Sea by going to the Void Sea Terminal. Once players have defeated the said foe, she drops a Void Sea Invitation. This is their ticket to the fearsome final boss of the season, Lord of the Void Sea.

Meet the New Hero

Cateye Erika is the latest hero introduced in Torchlight: Infinite. She is a pretty agile melee character who utilizes her speed to generate a stacking buff called Stalker. Stalker is gained when Erika moves about and it increases her Multistrike’s damage by 15% per stack.

Multistrike allows Erika to launch an additional attack when she uses any of her attack skills. This makes her a pretty potent killing machine. Those who want to zoom around the map and play such a powerful melee character should definitely try Erika out.

New Legendary Gear

Players who successfully defeat the Lord of the Void Sea have a chance of getting these new legendary items:

Hero’s Gaze (Ring)
  • +(50-60) Max Life
  • +(4-6)% additional Attack Damage for every attack Blocked recently. Stacks up to (5 - 5) times
  • +(15-25) Strength
  • +(20-40)% Critical Strike Rating
  • +(45-50)% Fire Resistance
Fool’s Crown (STR Helmet)
  • +(6-10)% gear Armor
  • (-99--99)% additional Intelligence
  • Adds (92-108) - (122-138) Physical Damage to the Main-Hand Weapon
  • +(6-10) Strength
  • +(6-10)% Fire Resistance
Darkchaser (DEX Boots)
  • +(60-80) Max Life
  • +(700-900) gear Evasion
  • +(60-80)% gear Evasion
  • +(25-35)% Lightning Resistance
  • +(30-30)% Movement Speed
  • Gains 1 stack of Mass Enhancement Effect for every (3-3)m of movement. Loses all Mass Enhancement Effect when using Attack Skills
  • (Mass Enhancement Effect: +10% additional Attack Damage. Stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 15 seconds.)
Entanglement of the Immortal (Belt)
  • +(80-120) Max Life
  • +(20-30)% Injury Buffer
  • +(30-40)% Fire Resistance
  • (120-200) Fire Damage taken also comes with Ignite Damage
  • +(50-50)% Life Regeneration Speed when Ignited
Rat King’s Megagon Dice (Necklace)
  • +(25-35)% Critical Strike Damage
  • +(6-10)% additional max damage
  • (-10 to -6)% additional min damage
  • Randomly triggers one of the following effects every 5s for 5s
  • Lucky Critical Strike/Unlucky Damage/Lucky Damage/Unlucky Critical Strike

Torchlight: Infinite Blacksail is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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