Toon Blast Cheat Guide: Get More Lives, Beat More Levels With These Tips

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Started playing Toon Blast but need more lives? Check out our cheats and tips for getting more lives and coins plus strategy for beating higher levels. Player.One

Need more lives in Toon Blast? Check out our cheat guide for getting lives, coins and more.

Fans of the popular Candy Crush game genre got a nice surprise last week when mobile puzzler Toon Blast arrived in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The game brings similar puzzle dynamics as Candy Crush but with its own unique challenges as well as a fun, Saturday morning cartoon theme. If you recently started playing Toon Blast and are having trouble getting through levels without using up all your lives, we’ve put together a cheat guide of tips and tricks for beating more levels, getting more lives and making your lives last longer. We can’t promise you anything crazy like an unlimited amount of lives for the game, but with the strategies and tips we’ll discuss, running out of lives should rarely be an issue. 


Toon Blast Tips, Tricks & Cheats: Get More Lives And Beat More Levels With This Strategy Guide

toon, blast, cheats, unlimited, lives, how, to, get, more, lives, coins, tips, tricks, beat, levels
Joining a team is one of several ways you can get more lives in Toon Blast. Photo: Player.One

How To Get More Lives

When you first start playing Toon Blast you are given 5 lives. As long as you beat a level, you won’t lose a life, but if fail to beat it, one life is taken away. The game is addictive so some might be tempted to use some kind of phone cheat or hack to get unlimited lives. However, we’ve found there are actually several legitimate ways to get more lives in the game so you can keep playing.

  • Join a Team - Teams become available as soon as you reach level 20 and are one of the best ways to get more lives on a regular basis. Once you reach level 20, go to the tab with the team icon and try to join one that has a lot of members (15 or more) in it already. Once you’ve joined a team, you can put in a request for lives by tapping the “Ask Lives” button in the chat. This will allow team members to give you up to five lives every four hours. If you are part of an active team, getting team members to give lives shouldn’t be hard because they earn coins for doing so. Also, be sure to help any teammate requesting lives so you can earn coins too.
  • Use Coins - 100 Coins can be used to refill lives to five. Coins can be bought but they are also earned in the game. Here are a few ways to get some coins for buying more lives:
  • Give lives to teammates  - you are rewarded one coin for every heart you give to a teammate.
  • Open a Toon Chest - these are earned every 10 levels you pass. 
  • Open a Star Chest - you get a Star Chest after earning 20 stars on levels played. In the Star Chest is a complete fill up for your lives along with some other goodies. You can earn 1-3 stars on each level passed depending on what you score is at the end of it. 
  • Wait A Little While - a new life is given every 20 minutes so if you’re depleted maybe give it a rest for an hour and come back for more.


Level Clearing Tips & Tricks For Beginners (1-20)

 toon, blast, cheats, unlimited, lives, how, to, get, more, lives, coins, tips, tricks, beat, levels
Keeping your lives and scoring high in Toon Blast comes down to using good strategy and making lots of combos. Photo: Player.One
  • Work from the bottom - as a general rule, I always start looking for combos near the bottom of the screen instead of the top. Working from the bottom not only allows more new cubes to drop, you also have a greater chance of compressing cubes of the same color together.
  • Think before you tap - Puzzle games are largely about thinking ahead one step. You’re first goal is to tap groups of bricks that are the color you need, but if a specific color you are trying to get isn’t available, look for other combos that, when removed, will pull together the colored blocks you need. In the same way, if you have several groups of colored blocks you want to clear, pull the ones near the top of the screen first, so that you don’t alter their arrangement and ruin the combo.
  • Look for ways to make combos - Making combos should be a priority in early levels. very time you merge 5 or more blocks together, you unlock a powerful combo that can really help you clear some big obstacles.To do this, you need to look for lots of blocks near each other. In some cases you might have some blocks of the same color near each other but not connected. If this is the case, look for other blocks that can be cleared so that the ones you need can merge. E Below is a rundown of all the combos and what they do. More discussion of how to best use these will be covered in the higher level tips.
    • Rocket (5 cube combo) - 5 cubes together will show a rocket on them. By tapping on them you create a rocket that can be used to clear horizontal or vertical blocks in the given row, depending on which direction the rocket is positioned.  
    • Bomb - (7 cube combo) - when you get a bomb combo, this allows you to clear the 8 blocks surrounding the bomb you create.
    • Disco Ball (9 cube combo) - making this combo allows you to clear all blocks of the same color on the board. Super useful when the goal is to clear a specific color. 
  • Try for double combos - even more powerful than you standard combo and doubled combos. In general if I’ve made a combo, I try not to use it right away unless I need to. I look for ways to make more combos nearby so I can merge them for greater results. For example, a disco ball and a rocket combined will place a rocket in every block that is the same color as the disco ball. This kind of move alone will often clear a large portion of the game board. 
  • Learn how to handle different obstacles - After your first few levels, you’ll be introduced to different kinds of obstacles that require special moves to remove them. Here are the obstacles you’ll encounter in the first 20 levels, and how to best deal with them:
    • Balloons - must tap bricks right next to them to get them to pop. If used correctly, a good combo against balloons is a rocket Don’t use a rocket to clear blocks next to balloons because it has no effect. Instead, try to get rockets in the same row or column as balloons to clear several at once. If you are dealing with balloons and ducks, clear balloons first or they will stop your progress.
    • Ducks - must move them to the bottom to complete remove. With ducks, try to focus on one at a time. Look ahead at the combos that are coming down and make sure there’s a way to make a match for the color at the very bottom, or else it can be hard to get them out. Rockets, also serve as great combos when trying to clear ducks, if you can get one in the right position. 
    • Bubbles - Bubbles don’t move so you need to get combos into the blocks that have the bubbles. When dealing with different obstacles, bubbles should take priority over ducks and balloons. Rockets in the same row as a set of bubbles can be an effective way to clear them. 

Tips & Strategies For Higher Toon Blast Levels (21 and above)

 toon, blast, cheats, unlimited, lives, how, to, get, more, lives, coins, tips, tricks, beat, levels
Crates can really cramp your style if you don't clear them early on in Toon Blast. Photo: Player.One

 Once you’ve passed level 20, you should be pretty comfortable with how the game works, but as more kinds of obstacles appear things do get tricky. The best thing you can do to keep advancing is to learn how to deal with all the unique obstacles that come along. Here are some we’ve encountered so far, and tips for defeating them.

Crates - Crates are like balloons but more evil. Prioritize clearing the ones running vertically along the sides first or your progress will be stunted. If the crates are placed in block in the center, prioritize clearing one full vertical at a time starting from the outer edges or your progress will be stunted. 

Lightbulbs - With lightbulbs, you have to tap same colored bricks next to them twice. Once to turn the lights on, the second time to clear them. Top preserve moves, it’s a good idea to try to tap combos that can turn on a bunch of lightbulbs at once.


To be continued ….


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