Timberborn: Gravity Battery and Migration Panel Introduced Latest Experimental Update

July 21 Experimental Update
July 21 Experimental Update Twitter/@Timberborn

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to store extra energy and put it to later use? Well, that is one of the new quality-of-life features in the latest experimental update for Timberborn.

The Gravity Battery is a new building in Timberborn that allows you to store excess energy, which you can then use whenever your settlement reaches peak power consumption. The electric capacity of the Gravity Battery depends on its elevation or how high it is built above the ground.

In addition to the new building, the game’s latest experimental patch introduces a new tool called the Migration Panel. This thing allows you to control the population numbers of adult beavers, kits, and golems all in one place.

Migration Panel
Migration Panel Steam

Some changes are implemented as well. The Water Jet is removed in favor of a new building called the Double Shower; this is a turbocharged version of the regular shower and can fit two beavers at a time. Moreover, medicines now only take an hour to make, and two units are produced for the price of one Dandelion.

Here are the other things implemented in this patch:

  • Numbercruncher has a new look that’s also more appropriate to its current role.
  • Power-generating buildings no longer animate based on the power grid’s efficiency.
  • Increased the number of carrots required in the “Plant some carrots” tutorial step from 70 to 100.
  • Changed the default Farmhouse action to planting.
  • Broken Teeth status now starts to trigger after an increased number of cut trees.
  • Increased Healer's storage capacity.
  • Lowered the chance of receiving an Injury by 50% across all workplaces.
  • Updated the presentation of resource consumption in buildings.
  • It is now possible to empty a Medical Bed’s storage to free up some Medicine.
  • Icons for buildings that are flooded and in need of water are now different.
  • It is now possible to choose the Control Tower’s bonus boost by clicking anywhere in the boost’s line, not just on the button.
  • Fixed a bug with attractions (including Charging Stations) connected to the Engine that wouldn’t accept visitors.
  • Golems in the Settlement Panel are now correctly sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug with beavers not distributing the Medicine to Medical Beds.
  • Fixed a bug with the Beaver Statue and Roof 2x3 not providing their bonuses.
  • It is no longer possible to ascend to the state of over 100% Adulthood.
  • An animation of a beaver sleeping or resting in a Medical Bed is no longer PEGI-18 while the game is sped up.

Timberborn July 21 Experimental Update is now available on PC.

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