Timberborn Update 1 New Mechanical Pumps and Bug Fixes

Timberborn October 20 Update
Timberborn October 20 Update Steam

Timberborn recently received its first major update that added new content and bug fixes.

In Update 1, developers added different types of mechanical water pumps. The Mechanical Water Pump sucks the water from below and dumps it at a higher level. The Compact Water Wheel can be unlocked by players at the start of the game and it provides a surge of hydro energy in the early game.

The developers also fixed an issue where the FPS would drop after players mark a large area of land for tree-cutting. Several crashing issues have been resolved as well in the latest update.

Timberborn Update 1

New Attractions
  • New building: Lido (250 SP; 40 logs, 30 planks; can only be built on a riverbank). You wanted the swimming pools, and here they are. Lidos satisfy Fun.
  • New building: Mud Bath(1800 SP; 50 gears, 50 treated planks, 30 water; 50 HP). Rivers aren’t always available but getting down and dirty (with bubbles!) can be Fun too.
  • New building: a little beaver secret, totally not leaked before and not shown in the feature trailer. Enjoy your spiritual holidays!
  • When in full screen, the game is now played in borderless windowed mode.
  • Updated some icons for buildings and resources.
  • Foresters and Farmhouses now receive a "Nothing to do in range" status when there is no field in their range.
Bug Fixes
  • The game should no longer freeze on macOS during launch or when changing resolution.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze while loading on full screen.
  • Fixed a bug with Tribute to Ingenuity not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug with highlighting text in text fields.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed gathering goods from dead crops after reloading the game.
  • Fixed Water Dumps sometimes overflowing reservoirs.
  • Fixed a bug with a settlement named “nul” blocking the game.
  • Water below level 0 is now hidden. The magically flooded Underground Warehouses are no more!
  • Fixed Lumberjack's status sometimes not deactivating when it should.
  • Fixed the highlight not disappearing after blowing a marked-for-tree-cutting area up with dynamite.
  • Tree stumps no longer block building a Water Dump.
  • Tree stumps no longer prevent Lumberjack’s warning icons from appearing.
  • Fixed the “drought incoming” sound playing incorrectly and scaring beavers.
  • Updated the Shrub's incorrect sound effect.

You can read more about the update here.

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