Timberborn: New Status Effects Added in Latest Experimental Update

July 6 Experimental Update
July 6 Experimental Update Steam

The beaver city-building game Timberborn has a new experimental update that you should definitely try. That’s because the developers added new status effects to make things more interesting.

For a time, Timberborn works on the premise that the beavers can do what you want without repercussions. But just like in the real world, these lovable workers should feel tired and experience the negative effects of working so hard. Well, that’s the aim of the latest update.

New Status Effects

Five new status effects are added to Timberborn. The first four are:

  • Overheated: After spending too much time in the heat of drought, beavers suffer from a heatstroke (read: -10% working speed and -10% walking speed).
  • Wet fur: For some time after leaving the water, beavers gain a 5% increased walking speed as well as immunity to Overheating.
  • Bee sting: Bees from Beehives will now sometimes sting nearby beavers, which can make beavers feel unhappy, thanks to that swollen face.
  • Broken teeth: Lumberjacks will now occasionally break teeth, reducing their effectiveness. The more trees they cut, the more likely it is to happen.

Now, beavers working in factories may have a chance of getting an injury every few hours. When injured, their walking speed decreases by 50%, causing them to refuse to work until healed. What’s more, the likelihood of getting an injury, and its duration, differs between workplaces.

So, what can be done in case beavers get injured or are afflicted by any negative status effects mentioned above? Use countermeasures, and they are:

  • New building: Shower (Folktails-only, 1 slot). Thanks to its long pipe submerged in water, this thing makes your beavers wet even if they’re working well above the water surface.
  • New building: Water Jet (Iron Teeth-only, 1 slot). Installed directly in the water, this compact attraction ensures your beavers stay in the water for a longer period.
  • New building: Teeth Grindstone (1 slot). Beavers visit this to sharpen their broken teeth while hoomans squirm at a thought of how this torture device works.
  • New building: Medical Bed (1 slot). Injured beavers go here to be healed. And if you have access to Medicine, it is super effective!
  • New building: Healer (1 worker). A good doctor working here produces and distributes Medicine to beavers resting on Medical Beds.
  • New resource: Dandelion. Found in the wild or grown by Foresters and cut by Gatherers. Used as the primary Medicine ingredient.

What can you say about the new status effects and countermeasures implemented in the latest update?

Timberborn is available on PC.

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