THQ Nordic Teases Two New Game Reveals For E3 2019

The speculation list is prett massive as well.
THQ Nordic will announce two titles from existing IPs at E3 2019.
THQ Nordic will announce two titles from existing IPs at E3 2019. THQ Nordic

As E3 2019 gears up, we are seeing an emergence of rumors for yearly AAA titles and the occasional new IPs. It’s a breath of fresh air that every once in a while, a developer or a publisher comes out and states that they want to revive an IP that was forgotten to most of us, but is kept alive by the hopes and dreams of a very loyal fanbase.

This seems to be the case for THQ Nordic, as the developer/publisher recently announced that the company is set to reveal two new upcoming titles for ‘beloved’ franchises in their appearance at E3 2019. This was revealed in an e-mail sent to the press that also contained booking appointments to the event. Although THQ Nordic is quite mum on what the titles are, we can begin speculating thanks to some clues in the wording for the booking appointments.

The first game is being touted as a “remake,” and it is “the long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise.” THQ Nordic's E3 presentation will also include gameplay footage only, with no hands-on demos available at the moment. THQ Nordic, over the years, has acquired a number of studios and their IPs, which can make speculating on what this remake is quite difficult. However, given the word ‘galactically’ included, it’s not much of a stretch to say that we may finally see the return of Crypto and the Destroy All Humans! franchise. The series of games is designed to be a parody of alien invasion films set during the Cold War-era, and is one of the most iconic franchises developed by Pandemic Studios. It remains to be seen which title will be remade if this is indeed the case, although if it is, I’m betting on the first and the most iconic one, the original Destroy All Humans!

The second reveal is a bit more ambiguous, referring to a game that is “a new vision of a beloved game/franchise.” There are a couple of things this could be, and although anything is a possibility right now, the most iconic ones I can think of are the Alone in the Dark and the TimeSplitters series. It could also be a reimagining of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the rights of which recently reverted back to THQ Nordic.

Of course, these are all just speculations, but it’s still nice to have something to look forward to for THQ Nordic’s presentation. Personally, I want a Darksiders 4 just so they can end the story right then and there with Strife. One can hope.


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