AMD At E3: 'Next Horizon Gaming' Event, Plus Product Unveiling On June 10

Dr. Lisa Su is expected to take the stage once again and debut some of AMD's newest chips.
AMD announces its Next Horizon Gaming event, all set for E3 2019.
AMD announces its Next Horizon Gaming event, all set for E3 2019. AMD

AMD has set the stage for its biggest comeback year yet. This time, the company will bring its presence to E3 2019 with a special panel entitled “Next Horizon Gaming.”

"At Next Horizon Gaming, AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will present ... details about upcoming products and technologies that will power gaming from PC to console to cloud for years to come.," AMD said in a press release. "The event will also feature appearances by leading game developers who will provide exclusive looks at some of the most anticipated new titles of the year."

AMD will use its E3 presence as a “showcase of next-generation gaming technologies and content.” Here’s a pretty good breakdown of what we can expect from the chip giant from its appearance on E3 2019.


E3 is a gaming-centric event, which stands to reason that AMD will focus its big guns to wow the PC gaming crowd, and to some extent, even the console gamers. This will probably be the safest bet for the Navi graphics cards to finally be officially announced. AMD has said recently that it will debut its Navi cards sometime during Q3 of this year, so it’s very likely that the Next Horizon Gaming Event will be the announcement stage for the 7nm architecture chips.

While graphics cards are almost always in the realm of PC gaming, it would be well worth it to check AMD’s presentation as a console gamer this year as well. The Navi cards will be used in the upcoming PlayStation 5, although we’re not sure in what capacity yet. This is something to be excited about because this is the first time a console will launch with a chipset that’s not years old.

Ryzen 3000-Series

This one is a bit unlikely, but it’s not in the realm of impossibility as well. Games have started to become more and more dependent on higher core count in addition to graphics card performance, and it just so happens that AMD’s Ryzen lineup of CPUs is considered the one of the best for multithreaded core performance, second only to AMD’s own Threadrippers.

It’s still more likely that we will get to see the third-generation Ryzen CPUs at Computex, though.

Save the date

AMD’s Next Horizon Gaming Event will be held in The Novo in Los Angeles on June 10, 2019, as part of E3 2019. It’s going to start at 6:00 p.m. EDT. If you can’t make it there personally, AMD will also livestream the event from their social media outlets including YouTube and Facebook. Check out AMD’s website for more details on the upcoming event.

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