Tholian Trouble Arriving in Star Trek Online Tomorrow

Here comes trouble.
Here comes trouble. Perfect World

As the Klingon crisis continues, major powers are struggling for power, and unknown to everyone, the Tholian is preparing to strike. The Tholian Trouble event arrives in Star Trek Online tomorrow, May 4, for PC while at a later date for consoles.

This event runs for three weeks and includes multiple TFOs featured in the past individually but now combined in one Featured Event. With this, players can choose what trial they want to take on each day and still earn Daily Progress to get the grand prize.

Two TFOs that players can look forward to in this event are Azure Nebula Rescue and Vault: Ensnared, both of which have been updated.

A Romulan Rescue

In the Azure Nebula Rescue, players need to save Romulan ships held at Tholian web-bases. They won’t be doing it alone since the I.R.W. Leahval is there to help. However, don’t be too complacent since Tholian reinforcements are bound to arrive even while the fight is ongoing.

In this version, the optional objectives have been improved so that they’re now more approachable. So instead of rescuing a small group of ships over two periods, players now get bonuses for being able to rescue ships early. Map markers have been added as well to make it easier to determine where the ships are being held.

Time for Another Rescue

In Vault: Ensnared, several Reman ships defending it have been ensnared in webs. Players must fight the Tholians, destroy the webs, and ultimately free the Reman ships. Bonuses are earned for each ship freed and once all are rescued, players immediately go to the next stage of the TFO. Don’t take too long to do the rescue because once the Tholian vault weavers arrive, they are going to ensnare the Vault and go on a tighter formation.

For this updated version, when a player enters the micronebula to take on the Tholian flagship, there are new UI elements on the map that show where they can go. There’s also a mission tracker that reveals the name of the additional dreadnought.

Top Prize

For this event, the grand prize is the Universal Console – Tholian Web Array. This particular console improves these attributes:

  • Tetryon Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Control Expertise
  • Critical Strike Chance against Held enemies.

That’s not all since it also has a deadly active ability which is to hold the target ship in a web and then deal physical damage over time while chaining up to four extra enemies. It then applies a Hold to all enemies and deals increasing physical damage over time to each new target.

So are you ready to face some Tholian Trouble?

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