There’s No ‘Wonder Woman’ Post-Credits Scene, But DC Easter Eggs Are Sprinkled Throughout Movie

Wonder Woman uses her powers for the first time. DC

Wonder Woman is deserving of the praise and hype from fans and movie critics alike. And the super fan in us was pumped to see the nods to the DC comics and universe in the film. You won’t see any nods to the Justice League or characters other than Batman, but there are Easter Eggs for the comic book nerds out there to enjoy.

[WARNING: Mild Wonder Woman movie spoilers ahead.]

Unfortunately, there isn’t a post-credit scene in Wonder Woman, but it makes sense why the director skipped one. Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no mention of the Justice League so it wouldn’t make sense to add a teaser at the end. The film let Gal Gadot shine as Wonder Woman and we appreciate that they didn’t include anything that would distract from her story.

Check out the Wonder Woman Easter Eggs below. Wonder Woman stars Gadot as Diana, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta and Robin Wright and is in theaters now.

1. Wayne Enterprises

The film begins with nods to Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. Diana receives a special gift from Wayne Enterprises, which was delivered in one of their armored vans. Diana resides in London, where she was first introduced to the World of Man by Steve Trevor. Diana has an office at the Louvre in Paris, which we assume is where she works. It would makes sense to make Diana a historian, as it would allow her to travel the world and also explain her extensive knowledge of different cultures. Anwyays, a Wayne Enterprise employee delivers a picture to Diana from World War I and the story takes off from there.

2. Artemis

Like Wonder Woman , there have been many iterations of Artemis over time. Sometimes Artemis fights with Diana, other times she’s against her. For example, Flashpoint has Artemis as a bodyguard for Hippolyta's sister Penthesileia. In the movie, she’s a part of Antiope’s Amazonian army and helps train Diana. And who did DC get to play her? One of the best female boxers in the world, Anne Wolfe. She truly embodies an Amazon in the film. Including Artemis is a nice hat tip to comic readers.

3. Lasso of Hestia

The film called the famous Lasso of Truth by its proper name when Trevor speaks with the Amazons in Hippolyta’s throne room. You might’ve missed it if you weren’t paying attention.

4. Diana Eats Ice Cream

It’s a moment from the New 52 comics that was remixed for the film. In the comics, a little girl gives Wonder Woman ice cream after she helps the defeat some Harpies that were attacking the American people. We saw this scene in the animated Justice League: War film, and director Patty Jenkins put her take on it in the movie. Steve and Diana pass an ice cream vendor on their way to “The War” as she keeps referring to it. Steve buys her a scoop and Diana falls in love with the sweet treat. “You should be very proud,” Diana tells the ice cream vendor. It’s a cute moment in the film.

5. Wonder Woman’s creation

This is a spoiler. Stop reading if you’re familiar with the comics. If you haven’t read the comics and are dying to know what backstory they went with for Diana, check out the New 52 comics ;-).


Did you catch any Easter Eggs we missed? What was your favorite part of the Wonder Woman movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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