Testament to Make Guilty Gear -Strive- Official Debut Next Week

Prepare to welcome a new character.
Prepare to welcome a new character. Arc System Works

Good news for players! Long-time fan-favorite boss Testament is set to debut as a playable character in Guilty Gear -Strive-. The elegant grim reaper becomes available first for Season Pass 1 owners on March 28. The character is then available for individual purchase beginning March 31.

Testament specializes in fighting from a distance with long-ranged scythe moves and attacks from their demon familiars. Check out Testament’s playstyle in action through the character trailer below:

It’s not just about Testament since players also get to enjoy other new game content and features:

  • White House Reborn
    • This new battle stage features the Presidential Residence of the United States.
    • It serves as a key stage in the Story Mode and suffers major damage during the events of the story.
    • It’s currently under the process of reconstruction and has been restored to its position as the center of the government.
    • Season Pass 1 owners get access to the stage once the new update goes live on March 28.
    • Individual purchase is priced at $1.99.
  • Digital Figure Mode
    • This all-new mode offers endless creative possibilities for players.
    • Players can create their own unique scene by placing characters, furniture, effects, and more.
    • They can even adjust the characters’ expressions, camera angles, and filters, to name a few.
    • Players can share creations with others online.

“Another Story” Release

Introduces new missions for players and the final item in the Guilty Gear -Strive- Season Pass 1. It shows an alternate perspective on the game’s lore and highlights many characters who did not make an appearance in the main story.

This feature is planned for release at the end of April.


Developer Arc System Works confirmed that Season 2 is currently under development. Players can expect to see four additional characters along with cross-platform play between PlayStation and Steam versions. Improvements being planned for Season 2 include enhancing servers, reducing connection time to servers, and stabilizing network modes. Additional details are to be revealed in the coming days.

Players and fans should be happy to know that Arc World Tour 2022 returns later this year. It’s going to feature Guilty Gear -Strive- and DNF Duel.

Guilty Gear -Strive- is part of the Guilty Gear franchise and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Learn more about the game here.

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