Guilty Gear Strive: Update 1.10 Revises Overall Functions of Projectiles

Guilty Gear Update 1.10
Guilty Gear Update 1.10 Twitter/@ArcSystemWorksU

Arc System Works has released Update 1.10 for Guilty Gear Strive that effectively revised the overall functions of projectiles. The update also implemented balancing changes for all characters.

Changes to the Universal Mechanics

The biggest change in Update 1.10 is that projectile special moves now have less recovery time, making them easier to utilize. This encompasses projectiles, aerial attacks, and anti-air moves.

Furthermore, all characters now deal more damage on Counter Hit, and more moves can now be canceled into an air dash. The latter just makes it easy for you to follow up your moves after your opponent blocks your initial attack.

Aside from projectiles and air attacks, the developers have also made it simpler for you to counter your opponent’s throws. This is done by extending the time window needed for throw clashes, allowing you a bit more leeway when pressing the right button to cancel the throw.

In addition, you can do a Roman Cancel at any point during your character’s throw animation. For those who do not know, a Roman Cancel is a unique in-game term used to denote a cancelation of a particular move.

The devs have also made some changes to input buffering. They said that this is done so that you can act at the earliest possible frame. This change takes into account different scenarios, such as offline matches and differences in latency during online play.

General Changes

Folks at Arc System Works have added some nifty features to the game as well. For instance, those playing on Playstation 4 can now press the Triangle button in the main menu to bring up the event Tournament feature.

This feature displays all available matches that you can join into, and you will be grouped automatically by the system during supported tournaments. While this is available on PS4, this is not possible on PS 5, at least for now.

In training mode, Counter Setting will take precedence over Automatic Psych Burst or Automatic Roman Cancel if they are set simultaneously.

For bug fixes, the issue where network features would not function properly when scrolling on the Ranking menu for a long time has been resolved. Moreover, a problem with the R-Code where the Maximum Combo Damage and Maximum Combo Hits would not be displayed correctly has been fixed.

You can learn more by heading to the game’s official website.

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