Terraria Update 1.4.1 Is Now Available: Princess Added, Vanity Overhaul Announced

A new update is here.
A new update is here. Re-Logic

Terraria announced that after months of alluding to it, update 1.4.1 is finally here. According to developer Re-Logic, this update is mainly focused on adding in pieces that weren’t ready when Journey’s End was launched. Of course, there’s the usual fixes and balance tweaks as well.

One big change is that Terraria finally has its own Credits. Once players beat the Moon Lord for the first time, there’s going to be a credit sequence and even an exclusive and never-before-heard music track. For those who miss it, not to worry since it can be accessed from the game’s main menu any time.

There are also new things that include:

  • New NPC
    • Get a chance to meet the Princess, but you need to discover how to unlock this regal companion first. You’ll also need some time to learn what it is she does.
  • New Achievement
    • There’s a handful of new achievements for players to complete.
  • New Items
    • There are new items offered, with several of them focused on filling out the early/pre-hard mode Summoner options.

Players should also be excited to know about the Vanity Overhaul. What’s this all about? Re-Logic revealed in a post that “the way armor and vanity sets used to work was a bit limiting, particularly in regards to the way "back" items worked.” This update makes that better. For example, instead of having to choose between showing Wings or a Cape, player can now have both.

Update 1.4.1 also comes with Quality of Life Changes that include:

  • The Journey Mode duplication menu has been overhauled, with several new filters added in order to break up some of the larger categories.
    • Additionally, the Misc option in the duplication menu should now more properly encompass items that do not fall under any other category.
  • Torch God now plays an Otherworldly track when that setting is toggled.
  • Bestiary now indicates if a drop is Wave-based/if it only drops after a certain wave in Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon.
  • Plantero's Sombrero has made its triumphant return.
  • Reorganized menu settings for resolution/fullscreen/windowed borderless to all use the same sub-menu, to reduce confusion.
  • Updated FNA (Mac/Linux related).
  • RGB support is now available for SteelSeries game peripherals.
  • Updated localization for all languages up to 1.4 (some 1.4.1 content may still be untranslated, and these translations will come in an upcoming hotfix)

You can view the complete patch notes of update 1.4.1 here.

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