Terraria’s Latest Update Brings Console Versions Up To Parity With PC

A good time to play the console version.
A good time to play the console version. Re-Logic

Terraria released its latest update which now brings the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions up to parity with the PC version. That’s not all as Update 1.3.5 is bringing some new stuff along with the latest round of bug fixes.

If you’re wondering what parity is, this means that both the PC and console versions now have the same content. However this does not mean that crossplay is now available. In a blog post, Terraria did say that for crossplay, “we never say never but this is something we will have to revisit in a post-Journey’s End era." The developers went on to say that they “cannot promise that this will ever be possible” adding that “it is something we will explore when the time comes.”

It was back in November of last year when Terraria first released the console versions. You can read more about that here.

Even before the release of the console versions, Terraria had released the Terraria: Journey’s End update in June 2019. This was initially planned to be update 1.3.6 for the PC and then planned to be called 1.4. With the large amount of changes it offered, it was instead dubbed as Journey’s End. Read more about that here.

Here are the other new things that arrived with Update 1.3.5:

  • New Content
    • Added Leinfors' and Arkhayla's developer armor sets
    • Added Crystal Furniture
    • Added several items to fully flesh out various Furniture sets
    • Added several more platform types
    • Added Golden Chest and Trapped Golden Chest variant
  • New Features
    • Improved visuals of many different things
    • Added "James" as a name that could be given to the Clothier NPC.
      • This is a nod to the famous Terraria Youtuber, ChippyGaming (James)
    • New error messages for invalid housing
    • NPCs who are manually assigned to a room will have their successor attempt to move in when the original is killed
    • Dungeons in newly generated worlds now contain new furniture
    • Added most of the main menu's settings to the in-game settings menu
    • Added UI Size Slider to the Settings Menu

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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