Terraria: Journey’s End Is Finally Here

Biggest update is here.
Biggest update is here. Re-Logic

The wait is finally over as Terraria: Journey’s End is finally here. This is the fourth content update for the game and brings with it new ways to play. For example, Journey's End offers more than 1000 new items for players to find and craft. There are even new bosses that players can take on. The update also comes with game balances and improved graphic quality.

Initially this new content was supposed to be called update 1.3.6. However, developer Re-Logic made the decision to call it Journey’s End considering the amount for new content that was arriving. Indeed, there’s a lot of new updates, and in fact the changelog is about 45 pages. Don’t worry as we’ll give you some of the highlights.

New to the game is the Journey Mode. This is a way that makes the Terraria experience more accessible by allowing players the chance to create the gameplay that they want. That includes, for example, what items players can find, research blocks that can be dug up, and even the enemies that players face. You can learn more about this new mode here.

Master Mode is another new addition arriving with this update. This represents what can be considered as the ultimate Terraria challenge and is excellent for those who think they have the skills to take this mode on. That, or they could just be foolish.

Then there’s also Golf which features a wide range of golf clubs and scorekeeping, among many others. Players can create their own golf course, share them with friends, or even meet up with friends to challenge each other on the links.

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t enjoy golf, then fishing could be an option. Fishing has been expanded and rebalanced with this new update. Blood Moon Fishing, for example, is a high risk-high reward way to fish. Then there’s Lava Fishing, which is exactly what it sounds like.

14 new tracks have been added to the game with Journey's End. So what can players expect? There’s a brand new title track along with the winning track of the music contest held by Xenon and DJ Sniper. In addition, Duke Fishron now has his very own theme.

You can read the full changelog here.

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