The Tenants: Santa Needs New Helpers in Winter Update 2022

Winter Update 2022
Winter Update 2022 Twitter/@TheTenantsGame

The rental property sim The Tenants received the Winter Update 2022 recently, and with it is a new community event where players have a chance of getting exclusive Uncle Steve goodies.

New Event

Winter Update 2022 Community Contest
Winter Update 2022 Community Contest Steam

Santa has been having trouble making gifts for children lately because his elves were too lazy to put up a workshop in the city. Players can help Santa by heading to the Slums and accepting the new limited-time contract at Arctic Circle 24/1.

Once the contract is accepted, players must successfully design a workshop worthy of Santa’s approval. They will then take a screenshot of their work and send it to the developers after that. Players will only have until December 28, at 1 p.m. EST to submit their creations.

On December 30, the devs will post the top entries and the community will vote on their favorites. Those who are interested to learn more can head to the game’s official website.

New Content

New Decorative Items
New Decorative Items Steam

Aside from the community event, the Winter Update 2022 for The Tenants brings new content and features as well.

The game’s Creative Mode has been improved to provide players with a true sandbox experience. Now, all of the content in this game mode is unlocked from the get-go. Players also have a truckload of cash to spend, so they no longer have to worry about finances when developing their dream house.

On top of that, new item sets have been added that will enable players to decorate their houses befitting of the holidays.

Patch Notes

  • Christmas Pops is back with a new time-limited elite contract and a community event!
  • Adorned Wondersville with festive decorations all around the game and the main menu.
  • Elves now walk the streets of Wondersville.
  • Uncle Steve took it upon himself to dress as Santa for all tenants.
  • Added the option to disable the seasonal environment.
  • Implemented a new phone app: Fishing With Steve.
  • Implemented new creative settings (full sandbox mode that unlocks all content, more starting money options).
  • Implemented an option to quickly sell everything in player-owned apartments.
  • Implemented a pin system for favorite items.
  • Added a new item set: Reptilia And Marsupial, co-designed by the winner of the Halloween renovation contest - Blu.
  • Added a new item set: Outdoor Christmas Inflatables.
  • Added a new item set: Happy New Year.
  • Added an option to browse agents before replacing an existing one.
  • Agents now take care of tenants' trash while working.
  • Outlets UI will now also display unavailable outlets.
  • Sampling items will now also correctly copy the color variant.
  • Added a portal front door to the Nerd House in the Suburbs.

The Tenants Winter Update 2022 is available on PC.

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