Temple of Snek Officially Launching Tomorrow

Prepare to slither.
Prepare to slither. Aetheric Games

The snaky tile-based puzzle dungeon adventure game Temple of Snek is set for an official launch tomorrow. The game has been in early access since August 2021.

The game tells the story of the avatar of the goddess Snek. She's been guarding the secret of the goddess along with the mysterious temple. One day, raiders and grave robbers have entered looking for ancient treasure and it is now time to defend the temple.

Temple of Snek offers the rhythm and reaction-based mechanics present in traditional Snake -like games and combines them with an interconnected puzzle-dungeon and interactive music. In the game, players get to control Snek, a giant snake that starts small and grows bigger each time she eats a looter. There are different ways to complete challenges like having to grow a bit longer to progress, or sometimes just use the tail.

As players unlock more levels, they meet new puzzle types and new NPCs. However, there are puzzles that initially appear impossible to solve, but learning how Snek moves and stacks in three dimensions will make them solvable.

In Temple of Snek, the story is presented wordlessly. For starters, the temple is set in the forest of what appears to be a fantastical pre-Hispanic world. Initially, Snek defends the temple from the raiders until it eventually becomes clear that the real villains are actually the conquistadors who not only want to get the gold but even ravage the environment. The ultimate goal is for Snek to deal with these conquistadors and protect her world.

Features of the game include:

  • A continuous, interwoven puzzle dungeon with 5-8 hours of gameplay
  • Rhythm and length-based traps and puzzles
  • Procedural music that changes as you play
  • Classic mode: eat-and-grow score attack
  • Mek-a-Snek: design your own snake-skin pattern
  • Five environments with distinct art, music, and puzzle styles
  • 4 NPC types with unique puzzle mechanics
  • Secret powers to discover and master
  • A wordless, environmental narrative with a twist in the tale
  • Level Editor: make and share your own snek puzzles

A free demo of Temple of Snek is available on Steam.

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