Gloria Victis Out of Early Access, Now Officially Launched

Check out version 1.0.
Check out version 1.0. Black Eye Games

Gloria Victis is finally out of early access and now officially launched. This latest title from Black Eye Games offers players an MMORPG that focuses on realism.

There's a lot to enjoy with the full version, especially with the new changes. One of these is the rework of crafting quests. They've been moved to the questboard system which means more players should be able to access them now. When a player obtains a crafting quest and completes it, there's an eight-hour cooldown until another quest is accessible.

To make the most out of the crafting quest, it's been divided into three regions which are Pilgrim’s Rock, Outer ring of the map, and Capital cities. With each region having its own cooldown, this means players can take a total of three crafting quests. In addition, the rewards offered vary and are based on the risk factor of the area they are taken from.

Character Development received adjustments as well, and The Black Eye Games team shared that these were meant to make unlocking new stages feel rewarding to players.So, bonuses were increased, however, to balance things out, the required experience points needed to unlock certain modes were also adjusted.

A Medieval MMORPG

Gloria Victis is a game where players explore a breathtaking and atmospheric open world. Features include:

  • Non-Target Combat and Epic PVP
    • Engage in action-based and non-target combat where skills and tactics matter.
    • Compete for territory in the open world and fight to the death in tournaments, castle sieges, and epic wars.
  • Challenging Territory Control
    • Conquer land and siege non-instanced towns and castles.
    • Build advantageous fortifications in the everlasting conflict of realms.
  • Innovative Partial Loot System
    • In the middle of the mainland, the risk and rewards become much higher.
    • There are certain places on the map where players can loot defeated enemies and take their reward by selecting which specific items to loot.
  • Player-driven Economy
    • Don’t forget to look for the best resources and materials out in the world and capture resource nodes.
    • Use workstations to craft high-quality items.
    • Cooperate with others to increase efficiency and achieve mastery in one of eight different realistic crafts.
  • Class-less Progression
    • Players can build their character without artificial classes.
    • Fully customize equipment using hundreds of available items.
  • Forge Your Legend
    • Establish reputation and move up the feudal hierarchy.
    • Leading allies to victory under your guild’s banner.

Get Gloria Victis on Steam now.

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