Team Falcons is Crowned Champion of the Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 22

Another win for the team! Falcon Esports

It looks like Team Falcons may be the team to beat this year. After, this Dota 2 team did win the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 22. With this they get to bring home $300,000 and collect 4,200 EPT Points. By the way, to say that they won would be an understatement. Falcons had a really strong performance in this tournament especially after they defeat BetBoom Team 3-0 to be crowned champions.

The Road to the Grand Final

What Falcons went through in this tournament is actually a good story. The team was able to join the tournament after winning the Closed Qualifier for the MENA region. During Group Stage 1 of the tournament, the team had a good showing ending at second place after BetBoom. It was at Group Stage 2 that Falcons started to show what it was bringing to the table. They ended with no losses to secure an early placement in the Playoffs.

Then in the Upper Bracket Final, Falcons defeated BetBoom to get a spot in the Grand Final. There it had to fight BetBoom again.

The Fight

For the Grand Final, Falcons had the advantage of momentum against BetBoom. When the games started, it was what fans expected which was total domination of Falcons. However, it wasn't that easy for Falcons.

In the first game, Falcons won with total team kills of 20 against 8 from BetBoom. But it took a little over 46 minutes so it's safe to say it's not that big of a win. Still, Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak managed to get 5 kills and zero deaths on Primal Beast with Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu added 5 kills of his own despite playing support with Shadow Demon.

The second game was again all about Falcons. However, BetBoom didn't bow out easily and managed to hold on to a little under one hour before calling GG. In the third game it was Falcons once again and BetBoom on the defensive. Despite a strong showing from some members of BetBoom, Falcons eventually went on to win the game and with the championship.

Double Kill

This is the second major tournament of the season which also marks the second win by Falcons. They also won the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 after sweeping Team Liquid. The question on everyone's mind is now whether Falcons can continue on this road to success.

What do you think? Does Team Falcons deserve the win?

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