T-Mobile Kills Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With Disable Update After Recall

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in black Fionna Agomuoh

T-Mobile is rolling out its end-of-life update for the Galaxy Note 7 as of Tuesday. The update, which is software version N930TUVU2APL2, is available wirelessly but can also be accessed manually through Settings > General management > Software update > Download updates manually. The 113.75MB update requires at least 30 percent charge to be installed.

The update will render Galaxy Note 7 handsets unable to charge. Once the device has used its remaining battery power, it will die and be bricked.

Other U.S. carriers will also push out the Galaxy Note 7 end-of-life update in January. AT&T and Verizon will send the update on Jan. 5 and Sprint on Jan. 8

All carriers are still urging users to power down and return their Galaxy Note 7 handsets for refund or exchange before the update goes out. Users can exchange their handset for another Samsung device or get a refund on the device and all accessories purchased for the smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 7 has also received end-of-life updates in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, to disable the device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Samsung is also planning to roll out in Korea the same update sent to U.S. Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

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