Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Continues As Stubborn Users Exceed LG V20 Users

All Galaxy Note 7s have reportedly been banned from U.S. flights. Fionna Agomuoh

Samsung has begun deploying an end of life update which will render Galaxy Note 7 handsets unable to charge. U.S. mobile networks are expected to begin rolling out the update in later December and early January. However, this has not stopped those who still own the handset from using it, despite it being recalled, permanently discontinued, and banned from airplanes and metro stations.

A new report from the app research firm, Apteligent indicates there are a significant amount of Galaxy Note 7 handsets still in use. The number of Galaxy Note 7 handsets currently being used exceeds figures for the LG V20, the HTC Bolt and the OnePlus 3T respectively. This is striking, considering Samsung sold only about 10 percent of its total Galaxy Note 7 shipments. It it more so striking when considering approximately 93 percent of Galaxy Note 7 handsets have been surrendered.

According to Apteligent, the Sony Xperia XZ has been selling better than the Note 7 for some time. The Moto Z and Google Pixel smartphones have just recently surprised the discontinued device in sales.

These numbers are expected to change once the update rolls out, which will be between Dec. 27 and Jan. 8 depending on the mobile carrier. Samsung and all carriers are still urging users to power down and return their Galaxy Note 7 handsets for refund or exchange before the update goes out.

Most of the compared devices are not premium, flagship status smartphones, save for the LG V20. However, the continued popularity of the Galaxy Note 7 is telling. Users resisting notices to return the devices has been a trend throughout the entire Galaxy Note 7 recall.

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