T-Mobile AT CES 2017: Un-carrier Next Announced As Network’s Only Post-Paid Plan With Taxes And Fees Included 

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T-Mobile CES 2017 press conference Fionna Agomuoh

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced at a CES 2017 press conference Thursday that the T-Mobile One service plan will be the only post paid plan the carrier offers. Prices for T-Mobile One will also now include all taxes and fees, without an increase in prices for customers.

Legere discussed how most of internet usage has shifted to mobile and how other carriers add a host of fees to subscriber bills as part of the announcement. Calling the new move Un-carrier Next, the CEO claimed the rules of how service and data plans are purchased needs to be re-written and laid down the following new rules.

1. The mobile unternet shouldn’t be sold by bits and btyes

2. What you see is what you pay

3. Only you have the power to change what you pay

4. You shouldn’t have to pay for what you don’t use

T-Mobile will begin offering the updated T-Mobile One on starting Jan. 22. In accordance with the proposed rule changes, T-Mobile also announced a program called Kickback, which will pay back customers using data plans of 2GB or less for unused data. The program will be enabled Jan. 22 for February usage and customers will see returns in the form of bill credit in March.

Among many digs at competitors during the press conference, Legere announced T-Mobile’s preliminary fourth quarter earnings results, which include 2.1 million net subscriber adds and 1.2 million net adds for post paid subscribers alone. Official earnings results will be announced in February.

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