Swords of Legends Online Starts First Beta Test May 21

Try it out before the release.
Try it out before the release. Gameforge 4D

The beta test for Swords of Legends Online is already in the works with the first run from May 21 to May 25. The second run begins June 1 and lasts until June 8. Both beta tests are available on Steam and the Gameforge Client.

For the May 21 beta test, the servers open at 8:00 a.m. EDT. For North America, in particular, the server is going to be “US1 – Haocang.”

Available Classes

In the game, players get to choose from classes that offer two masteries. As long as they’re not in combat, players can switch between these masteries. The classes and masteries are:

  • Spellsword
    • Ranged: Sword Artist
    • Melee: Bladestorm
  • Reaper
    • Ranged: Assassin
    • Healer: Occultist
  • Summoner
    • Ranged: Nature’s Wrath
    • Healer: Nüwa’s Blessing
  • Bard
    • Ranged: Dissonance
    • Healer: Harmony
  • Berserker
    • Melee: Slayer
    • Tank: Drunken Master
  • Spearmaster
    • Melee: General
    • Tank: Phalanx

By the way, all the classes can be played as either female or male.

Available Quests

The game offers quests divided into different chapters, though some chapters can only be unlocked after reaching the maximum level. These are so far the chapters of the main quests:

  • Prologue – The Qin League
  • Chapter One – Misery in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses
  • Chapter Two – Cave Heaven in the Sea of Clouds
  • Chapter Three – Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirit
  • Chapter Four – Secret of the Demonsword
  • Chapter Five – Horror of Huaixiu
  • Chapter Six – Demon Chaos in Chang’an
  • Chapter Seven – Fate of Fairies
  • Chapter Eight – A Long Scream for the Sword
  • Chapter Nine – Cult of the Devastators

Read more about what to expect for the beta test here.

Steam Offers

Swords of Legends Online is set to be released this summer on Steam for $39.99. There are also bundles offered which are:

  • Deluxe Edition ($59.89)
    • Full version of Swords of Legends Online
    • 1x Golden Weapon Skin
    • 1x Golden Costume (+ Hair)
  • Collector’s Edition ($99.97)
    • Full version of Swords of Legends Online
    • Golden Weapon Skin
    • Golden Costume (+ Hair)
    • Assassin Costume
    • Fiery Wings (Flying Mount)
    • Fancy Housing Bundle

Preorders are now accepted and give these extras:

  • Early access to create a character and secure the name of the hero.
  • 1x Mask: Lucky Cat
  • 1x Founder Title
  • 1x Founder Flag
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