Last Chance to Join PC Beta Test of Bless Unleashed

It's almost here.
It's almost here. Bandai Namco

It won’t be long now when PC players can finally try their hand at Bless Unleashed. The final beta test has started and it’s only until May 17, which means there’s not much time left.

Those who have taken part in previous playtests can play once again and experience all the new additions. If you’re interested in joining, just create an account at the game’s official website and download the client. Another option is to go to the official Steam page and then click “Playtest.”

That’s not all being offered this week since developer Round8 Studio is also accepting pre-registrations in preparation for the official PC launch.

Part of the final beta test is to check if the in-game Lumena Shop is working normally, such as allowing purchases and giving purchased items to the right owners. To make this happen, those who take part in the test receive in-game money for free.

Round8 reminded players as well that some may experience intermittent lag while playing or possibly when the server is down.

In a post, Round8 Head of Development Jason Park said that the road may have been long but Bless Unleashed on PC is expected to shine. Park assured players that they’re sure to love the changes made.

Snapshot Event

Bless Unleashed is also launching a Snapshot Event for those who can join the final beta test. To get a chance to win a $10 Steam Wallet, just follow these steps:

  • Follow the official Bless Unleashed PC Twitter account.
  • During the final test, take a screenshot displaying your level.
  • Tweet the screenshot with the hashtag #BUPC_FINALTEST on Twitter.

Ten winners will be selected and divided into:

  • Level 1 to Level 19: 4 winners
  • Level 20 and above: 5 winners
  • Highest Level: 1 winner

Road to PC

There’s no question that it has been a long yet enjoyable road. The game was first released in March 2020 on Xbox One. Then by August, they started the closed beta for PlayStation 4. Bless Unleashed was then officially launch on PS4 in October 2020.

Round8 didn’t wait that long to start working on the PC version with the first closed beta in November 2020. A second test was done in January 2021.

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG where players get to travel in a dynamic world and test their skills against monsters while exploring dungeons. Since launch, there have been a lot of updates that introduced changes to the gameplay and additional content.

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