Swords Of Gargantua Celebrates First Anniversary With A Bunch Of New Content

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Yomuneco

Swords of Gargantua is celebrating its first anniversary this month and it looks like it’s pulling out all the stops. The game is releasing a new update that’s going to introduce a new lounge, new weapons, and even a new mode for creators. There’s also going to be a shield design competition organized by none other than developer Yomuneco.

In a statement, Co-Founder and CSO Kiyoshi Shin said that the game’s actual birthday is this Sunday, June 7. This milestone was made possible because of “all the fans who continued playing,” according to Shin. Shin went on to say that the way the game was played “encouraged the development team and provided us with new discoveries and challenges.” The developer promises to do what they can to meet the expectations of the players and hope that players “continue to play and support us to create a future for VR that does not yet exist.”

One new feature arriving to the game is the Online Lounge. This an area where a maximum of eight players can hang out, chill, and even use emotes. For those who feel refreshed enough, this is also a good place to start forming a team of four and take on co-op quests.

Then there is also the MOD Mode, though it’s still in the Beta version. This new feature allows players to customize different in-game parameters like the movement speed, player’s attack, or even the enemy wave types. It has been in alpha for the PC VR players, and with this update, it’s not only entering beta but also becoming available for Oculus Quest players.

There’s also going to be new weapons released like the Suzaku and Phoenix, which are independent one-hand swords. The Phoenix is all about defense while the Sukaku specializes in attack power. This means that players who have both enter the fight with a great advantage. To unlock these weapons, players simply need to join in-game events beginning on June 3 and until June 26. There’s also new weapon designs that are going to be made available to all players with details to be revealed soon.

As mentioned, there is a special shield design competition with the winner getting his or her design being remade in-game for all players to use. The event begins tomorrow, June 5, and is open until July 3. Get more details here.

Finally, Yomuneco is setting summer 2020 as the schedule for the release of the PSVR version of Swords of Gargantua. The PC version of Swords of Gargantua is available for $19.99 while the PSVR version will be available for $29.99.

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