SURV1V3 May Update Adds Game Optimization And Bug Fixes

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Developer Candymakers recently rolled out an update for SURV1V3 that fixes some bugs and tweaks some gameplay settings. SURV1V3 is a surreal zombie game in which you can test your survival skills, and is pretty similar to TheForest.

Most of the changes affect the game visually. Candymakers added in Zeds visuals, which adds blood splashes to zombie limbs. The developers also optimized SURV1V3 to make it run smoother. Additionaly, there are some VR changes to help it run well on a lower-end GPU. Some of the irritating game crashing issues were fixed as well.

SURV1V3 May Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

We'd like to share with you a couple of updates about chapter 3:

  • Chapter 3 will take place in the city of Portmain, also known as Nowhere,
  • Chapter 3 will be the last chapter and it will include 7 missions, deployed in 2 phases
  • We'll start releasing 4 missions (Nowhere, Jailhouse Dead, To Protect And To Kill and Black Friday)
  • Nowhere city design is almost complete, we're finalizing buildings' interiors
  • The first 4 missions are completed and we're testing them internally
  • Localization tasks are going on as scheduled
  • Nowhere city will be playable in Survival mode too (in a subsequent release)

Performance enhancements

Being a VR co-op free-roaming game, performances are always under our microscope.
In this release, we're deploying a couple of enhancements that should stabilize frame rate on systems with low-end GPU. Santa Carla and Prologue maps have been improved too in order to reduce overall GPU workload.

New options

Following community feedback, we're deploying two new options to customize players' experience.

Many users are unhappy with how big the "grab" boxes are while many others were previously unhappy not being able to reach objects on the floor. We decided to let you tweak the size of these regions, just enter "grip" options settings and change "grip area size".

Considering the size of our maps, we thought that adding manual redirected walking will be a nice addition for the user having at least a mid-size play area. Manual redirected walking is a way to change space orientation using hmd orientation, check out this video to learn more. To enable it in SURV1V3, just go to "movement" options and change "turn method" in "hmd redirection".
This new setting is in beta, having any feedbacks just let us know!

Zeds visuals

Do zeds have an active blood circulation? Uhm... maybe not, but seeing arterial blood splash when a limb is cut off is always sooo satisfying _ we added them to all limbs and we also texturized all bones to be more believable.

New features & tweaks:

  • Core: GPU performance enhancement
  • Core: level streaming optimizations
  • Options: adding "hmd redirection" turn option (manual redirected walking)
  • Options: grab area size can be changed in game options
  • Tablet: mission objects won't be highlighted in the map when carried by the player (for the sake of clarity)
  • Graphics: zeds bones textured with blood
  • Graphics: arterial blood is emitted whenever a limb is dismembered
  • Graphics: desktop window can be resized pressing M and resolution is stored in game settings

Fixed bugs:

  • Core: fixing crash when playing with Cosmos Elite (workaround waiting for a fix from Valve & Epic )
  • Core: fixing some rare crashes
  • Graphics: fixing a bug causing desktop window to not go full screen
  • Graphics: some buttons become black once pressed
  • Shovel: fixing grip angle
  • Melee: fixing "Last Dawn" and "The Pacemaker" grip inertia
  • Gameplay: removing wrong message from Jeremy when spawning in Santa Carla
  • Tablet map: mission objects won't be highlighted when carried by the player (for the sake of clarity)
  • Prologue: fixing some flying barrels
  • Santa Carla: player is able to crouch through motel office's windows
  • Trials: when finishing the Big Bird trial, the game load up Big Bird mission again but at "The Last Garden" map
  • Zeds: killing a zed can rarely freeze it in the air
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