The Surge 2 Combat Trailer Highlights Its Gory And Stylish Executions

Chopping off limbs has never been this cool.
An E3 cinematic trailer for The Surge 2 has been released.
An E3 cinematic trailer for The Surge 2 has been released. Deck13 Interactive

Without a doubt, one of the upcoming action titles to look out for this year is Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge 2, a sequel to the sleeper Souls-like released back in 2017. The game is shaping up to be a vast improvement on its predecessor in every way imaginable, and for a lot of the original’s fans – myself included – it’s just what’s needed to push the game in an overall better direction.

As the hype train for the September 24 release date is starting to pick up, so too are the trailers and other promotional materials for The Surge 2. The latest is a combat trailer, which highlights the game’s main attraction – its engaging, surgical, and extremely violent combat system. Check out the trailer below.

The Surge 2’s prowess as the action RPG title to play this year is on-point with the footage, showing off extremely stylish and sadistic kills. After playing through the closed beta a month ago, what is on display is representative of the overall experience. The limb-based dismemberment in particular is still one of the series’ strong points, which not only acts as flair for murdering other heavily augmented enemies, but also as a main progression mechanic.

Advancing in The Surge 2 means getting the best gear, equipment and weapons for yourself, and to do so you need to ‘take’ those parts and pieces away from the enemies that have them. Tied into this mechanic of growing stronger from your enemies is the limb-based combat system, which allows you to target certain parts of enemies that have the gear you want, culminating in this spectacular burst of blood and machinery. It’s what made The Surge amazing despite its many flaws, and it’s what will make The Surge 2 a thoroughly engaging action title.

If you’re interested in finding more about The Surge 2, check out my preview of the closed beta here, as well as a rundown of its combat here and the multiplayer elements here. The game is now available for pre-purchasing on PC via Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a release date set for September 24.

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