‘Super Smash Bros.’ Nintendo Switch Port To Have New Characters

Here's how to get everything you'll need in the new Smash Bros game
Here's how to get everything you'll need in the new Smash Bros game (Nintendo)

With the Nintendo Switch March release getting closer, the speculation about Nintendo’s hybrid console and its games is swirling, and the latest rumor has to do with Super Smash Bros.

According to Source Gaming, Super Smash Bros. Melee will come to the Nintendo Switch via a new Gamecube Virtual Console, and a port of the Wii U/3DS Super Smash Bros. will also be making the jump.

Here’s an excerpt from Source Gaming:

“We’ve heard that “Smash for Switch” (name not final) is a combination of 3DS and Wii U content, a ‘director’s cut’. The game will feature some new content including 2 new characters. We haven’t been able to confirm WHAT characters. We’ve heard that this version will include all the DLC.”

To further the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Switch rumors, Nintendo Insider Doctor Cupcakes posted the following tweet that confirms new characters coming to the upcoming port of Super Smash Bros.

The reports that only two new characters will be added to the Nintendo Switch port are underwhelming. Source Gaming believes that number is actually higher, but we will see. Perhaps the Nintendo Switch can handle the Ice Climbers this time around.

So what do you think of Super Smash Bros. coming to the Nintendo Switch? Which two characters do you want to see join the fight? Sound off in the comments section below.

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