Super People Launches ORBIT Series Competition with $100,000 Prize Pool

Show them what you've got.
Show them what you've got. Wonder People

Super People may still be in early access but that hasn't stopped developer Wonder People from launching an esports tournament. Titled the ORBIT series, it's open to all players and comes with a $100,000 prize pool. What makes this tournament different is that the matches are not only held daily but also done during regional evening hours. That means Super Soldiers have a bigger chance of joining the tournament and being part of matches.

Tournament Format

Here's how the Super Tournament works:

  • It's open to all players with an Account Level of 10 and over.
  • If the number of participants per server is less than 500, the daily Super Tournament is canceled.
  • The Super Tournament is divided into 3 stages: Qualifiers, Group Stages 1 and 2, and Finals.
    • Players who get 1st place in the Finals are selected as the winners.
  • Players can earn Winning Points by playing tournament matches during the Qualifiers.
    • At the end of each round, Winning points are added up to determine whether advancing to Group Stage 1 is possible.
  • During the Qualifiers round, players can change the team members (team disbanding), but the Winning Points acquired before the change is reset to zero points.
  • Team members cannot be changed in the Group Stages and Finals.
  • In Super Tournaments, changing classes and opening a personal supply consumes more gold than in normal modes.

Tournament Prizes

Prizes are awarded to the top three finalists of the daily Super Tournament. In addition, there will be 40 Diamonds awarded for qualifying for the group stages of the Super Tournament.

Meanwhile, the maximum daily prizes per Super Tournament server are:

  • Schedule 1
    • Inclusive Dates
      • October 14 to October 16
      • October 21 to October 23
      • October 28 to October 30
    • Daily Total Prize
      • Asia: $25,000
      • Southeast Asia: $13,000
      • North America: $25,000
      • South America: $12,000
      • Europe: $25,000
  • Schedule 2
    • Inclusive Dates
      • October 17 to October 20
      • October 24 to October 27
      • October 31
    • Daily Total Prize
      • Asia: $5,000
      • Southeast Asia: $2,600
      • North America: $5,000
      • South America: $2,400
      • Europe: $5,000

Read the complete details of the ORBIT series here.

Super People offers what can be described as strategy-driven combat. The game boasts its scavenging system, where players can gather materials from their surroundings and use them to upgrade equipment or craft items. It’s also a way to meet and fight other players.

Super People is available on PC through Steam.

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