SUPER PEOPLE January 6 Update: Weapon Balancing Changes and QoL Improvements


There are a lot of battle royale games out there already, but that didn’t stop developer Wonder Games from creating its own take on the said genre. SUPER PEOPLE is a battle royale shooter where you control a super-soldier with special abilities. You can unlock new skills and abilities as you improve your character’s max level.

That said, even though the game is still in closed beta, you can apply for a chance to take part in the testing process.

Anyway, a new update is now available that brings weapon balancing changes and quality-of-life improvements.

Weapon Balancing

Assault rifles are a popular choice among many people who play shooter games. That said, some adjustments have been applied to certain ARs. For instance, the M16A4’s burst fire mode recoil is reduced. The gun can now be outfitted with an 8x scope as well.

Certain SMGs have also received some tweaks. The Uzi Pro, for example, has its damage increased slightly, albeit the gun’s range is reduced.

For improvements, you can now fire at enemies who hide behind chain-link fences as bullets are now guaranteed to pierce through.

Update Highlights

  • Improved Detection of Unauthorized Third-party Software
  • G3
    • Horizontal recoil reduced
    • Can now be equipped with the 8x scope
  • UMP9
    • Range slightly increased
  • W1887
    • Damage slightly increased
  • SP686
    • Damage slightly increased
  • Vehicle collision damage increased
  • Adjusted the energy bar’s VFX to make it more distinguishable from a super capsule
  • Improved sound play across makeshift building floors
  • Fixed an issue of your character raising one’s fists instead of the equipped weapon when certain actions are performed
  • Fixed an issue of dropping the Class Skill item when acquiring a certain Class Skill
  • Improved inventory sorting of crafting materials and weapon attachments
  • Ping display reduced when in combat
  • Fixed an issue of the Firearms Expert’s Forcefield not applying the slowing effect properly
  • Fixed an issue of the Seeker’s Projectile Tracking skill where the “Toxic Smoke Grenade” arc would not display properly
  • Fixed an issue of the Nuclear’s RPG round getting stuck on windows in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue of characters being able to pass through motorboats
  • Fixed an issue of the driver’s corpse being able to momentarily continue driving after being killed
  • Fixed an issue where catching on fire would make characters look as if they were floating

SUPER PEOPLE January 6 update is now available on PC.

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