Super People Joining the Battle Royale Genre Later This Year

A new game joins the battle royale genre.
A new game joins the battle royale genre. Wonder People

Some people may think that there’s already a lot of games in the battle royale genre. Developer Wonder People thinks otherwise. That’s because they’ll be releasing a new battle royale game called Super People sometime this year.

Super People is set in a world where super soldiers became the face of conflict. Players get to use extraordinary superpowers in the quest to be the last one standing. While it has the typical battle royal gameplay, it introduces features to allow fights not only to be fast-paced but also more strategic.

In a statement, Super People Seong-Gon Park shared that they are happy to announce this new game and will do what they can to have it released at the end of 2021. He added that the game is sure to be entertaining to players, especially since it maximizes the fun of exploring maps and collecting items.


The game has players choose from a roster of 12 classes of super soldiers. Each one has its own unique traits and characteristics. It’s pretty much like other games in the same genre with each of the classes having a set of basic skills and one ultimate skill.

As mentioned, Super People offers what can be described as strategy-driven combat. While it is indeed important to master a class, it’s just as important to know what the other classes can bring to the fight.

Aside from knowing about the opponent, players can get an advantage by strengthening their class. During the battle, players can level up to power their skills and eventually unlock the ultimate skill. Players can also upgrade their loadout to make them stronger and more effective in fights.

In the game, players can explore and gather loot but they must also find resources. Super People offers a rather unique scavenging system. During the game, players can gather materials from their surroundings and then use them to upgrade equipment or craft items. It’s also a way to meet and fight other players.

So what do you think? Giving this one a shot?

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