Super Animal Royale: Season 3 Update Revamps the Popular S.A.W. vs. Rebellion Mode

Season 3 Update
Season 3 Update Steam

The Season 3 Update for Super Animal Royale is here. It brings a newly revamped game mode, new super animal breeds, and various quality-of-life improvements.

Super Animal Royale is a 2D top-down, 64-player battle royale where you take control of one of the cute animals while fighting tooth, claw, and machine gun against others in an abandoned safari park.

Game Mode Revamped

S.A.W vs. Rebellion is a popular game mode that has been revamped in the Season 3 Update. This is still a clash between two warring teams, the Super Animal World (S.A.W) and the Super Animal Super Resistance (S.A.S.R) rebel fighters. The objective is to capture and hold more flags than the opposing team and eliminate enemies to drain their Reinforcement Points. This is where the similarity ends, however.

So, what’s new? You can now choose between five unique class loadouts: Scout, Medic, Assault, Sniper, or Heavy. Each class will come with different weapons and tactics, so choose the one that perfectly suits your playstyle. When you earn four kills, your class will be upgraded to Tier 2 the next time you respawn, which comes with improved gear and weapons. Moreover, medics can rank up by healing teammates.

Another notable change in this game mode is that you can now respawn many times until the Super Cows come home.

You can learn more about S.A.W vs Rebellion 2.0 here.

Patch Highlights

  • Unlock two new Super Dogs and one new Super Wolf in the Research Lab:
    • Super Chihuahua
    • Super Poodle
    • Super African Wild Dog
  • Unlock two new Super Cats and one new Super Leopard in the Research Lab:
    • Super Himalayan Cat
    • Super Chimera Cat
    • Super Cheetah
  • Skunk Bombs now display a ring to make their area of effect clearer and to help distinguish between your allies’ bombs that won’t hurt you (white ring) and ones that will hurt you (red ring)
  • A delivery mole will now personally deliver your cosmetic items or Carl Coins at the end of a match. (It’s only a visual upgrade, but isn’t that thoughtful of them?)
  • Hamster balls now stay in their full-damage mode more consistently (for example, you’ll no longer lose full-damage mode after running over an enemy)
BCG (Big Clucking Gun) UPDATES
  • Reload time has been reduced to 1.8 seconds
  • Self-inflicted damage from BCG eggs has been increased to 65% of their normal damage
  • Minimum charge time for BCG shots has been increased to 0.10 seconds
  • The BCG’s egg impact sound is also more eggs-plosive now

Super Animal Royale is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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