Sun Haven: Romance and Barns Update Introduces Three New Romanceable Characters

Romance and Barns Update Pixel Sprout Studios

Part of what makes Sun Haven an engaging farming simulator is that you can date certain characters thanks to its romance mechanic. In the newly released Romance and Barns update, there are three new characters that you can date and form a connection with. These characters are Kai, Vivi, and Wesley.

After being washed up on a shore, Kai has no recollection of his past. But maybe, if you get to know him better, he might recall a thing or two.

Vivi is an Amari bounty hunter whose only goal is to take you out. Although it is dangerous to go out with someone who wants to kill you, maybe she will have a change of heart after several dates. If things go well, she might one day reveal to you the identity of the person who put a large bounty on your head.

And lastly, Wesley is Elder Gorwin's assistant. He's a man of history and is striving to preserve the traditions of his home, the elven village Nel'Vari. He is extremely passionate about preserving Nel'Vari traditions that he may come across as too abrasive at times. Perhaps you can convince him to lighten up a bit?

Aside from new romanceable characters, Pixel Sprout Studios will be releasing four new DLC packs soon. They are:

  • Set Sail, a Pirate-Themed DLC Pack
  • Mushy, a Mushroom-Themed DLC Pack
  • Ocean Shore, a Beach-Themed DLC Pack
  • Free Snaccoon Costume, a Free DLC Pack containing a Snaccoon Costume

Patch Notes


  • Overnight Events
    • After falling asleep, there is a rare chance an event might occur
    • 8 Different events and cutscenes can be obtained, granting cool items or just little ghosts to water your plants!

Quality of Life

  • Increased the number of options sold per day at the Sun Haven Clothing store by 150%
  • Updated the Tavern Interior to make it easier to speak to Ronald
  • Aquariums in the Museum now visually match the theme they represent
  • The Fishing Bundles will now drop a matching Aquarium to the theme they represent
  • After completing a Fishing Bundle, you now be able to craft a matching Aquarium to the bundle you completed
  • Added in 10+ new quests to the Sun Haven, Nel'Vari, and Withergate Bulletin Boards
  • Added option to select no Wings as an Elf
  • Added Additional Optimizations for reduced player load time


  • Minorly rebalanced Seeds and Crops between Sun Haven, Nel'Vari, and Withergate
  • Rebalanced the costs of Pets, Mounts, and Clothing
  • Rebalanced 30+ Quest Rewards
  • Adjusted some Wedding Ring Stats and Keepsake Stats
  • Rebalanced purchase prices of Pet Merchants in Nel'Vari and Withergate


  • Added Summer Armor to Blossom's Summer Store
  • You can no longer knock on people's doors in the morning
  • The Farming Snaccoon has been changed back to the classic Snaccoon purple and the plush has been changed to match
  • The Map in the Cultural Section of the Museum is now updated to match the Sun Haven world
  • New cutscenes to introduce crafting in Nel'Vari and Withergate

Sun Haven Barns and Animals update is available on PC.

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