Sun Haven: Barns Now Upgradeable in New Update

Romance and Barns Update Pixel Sprout Studios

The farming simulator and RPG-hybrid Sun Haven received a pretty massive content patch that you definitely need to check out. One of the major highlights in the Romance and Barns update is that you can now upgrade your Tier 1 barns to Tier 3!

For those who don't know, each barn in Sun Haven increases your farm's animal capacity by eight. Furthermore, each tier gives an additional eight slots for a total of 24 when it's fully upgraded! If you have all four barns upgraded to Tier 3, you'll have plenty of space for lots of animals.

That's not all! You can now place up to four Elven Barns in Nel'Vari and some Sewer Barns in Withergate as well.

To utilize all of the space that you get from upgrading barns, new farm animals have also been introduced in the Romance and Barns update. If you want to populate your Nel'Vari barns with animals, you can purchase some from Fonzo - an elven animal lover who appears behind the counter of the Farm Animal Shop at 6 a.m.

Additionally, you can purchase animals from Ur, a new vendor in the Withergate Sewer, if you want to put some in the Sewer Barn.



  • Sun Haven Barn is now upgradeable to Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • The exterior will become more luxurious and the interior becomes larger
  • New slime farm animal, Ooey, can be unlocked after defeating King Slimius XVII
  • Nel'Vari Barns, Tier 1 to 3 are now craftable, these new permits can be purchased from Fonzo
  • Added 5 new Nel'Vari Farm Animals, these new farm animals can be purchased from Fonzo in Nel'Vari
  • Withergate Sewer Barn Tier 1 to 3 is now unlockable in the Apartment Sewer, these permits can be purchased from Ur in the Withergate Sewer
  • Added 8 new Withergate Barn Animals, these new farm animals can be purchased from Ur in the Withergate Sewer
  • Updated Nel'Vari and Apartment Sewer maps to display new Barn Animals
  • New Items from these Barns can be crafted at the Nel'Vari and Withergate Crafting Tables


  • Sheds are new farm structures that players can place to decorate, make their own storefronts, or use for storage
  • These are craftable at the Construction Table
  • 23 Unique Shed Kits to change your Shed's appearance:
    • Keg Shed Kit
    • Jam Shed Kit
    • Bookstore Shed Kit
    • Take Out Shed Kit
    • Tavern Shed Kit
    • Post Office Shed Kit
    • Ice Cream Parlor Shed Kit
    • Clock Tower Shed Kit
    • Cafe Shed Kit
    • Coffee Cup Shed Kit
    • Coffee Shop Shed Kit
    • Grocery Store Shed Kit
    • Taco Stand Shed Kit
    • Arcade Shed Kit
    • Castle Shed Kit
    • Rock Shed Kit
    • Cozy House Shed Kit
    • Beach House Shed Kit
    • Pirate Shed Kit
    • Tropical Cabana Kit
    • Fish Shack Kit
    • Fish Bowl Kit
    • Very Boring Shed Kit

So, will you be upgrading your barns in Sun Haven soon?

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